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LG 29UM65 Review

review lg 29um65 21.9 monitor

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Posted 18 July 2014 - 14:16

Below is a brief review of the LG 29UM65 ultrawide monitor, which comes in at about £280.


Unfortunately my first two units had extremely bad backlight bleed, mainly the bottom left corner and the second one also had a dead pixel in the central area. It seems like this is quite a common problem with these LG 21.9 ultra wide monitors as a number of users on various forums have reported the same issue as well as a few of the 34" model owners... This third one is a lot better but still not "perfect", however, under normal conditions, the bleed is not that noticeable.


My first monitor @ 20% brightness:




Second monitor @ 20% brightness:




The photos make the bleed look worse than what it really was like. It was mainly the bottom left that was very noticeable even during daylight usage.


I contacted LG directly for the second one to see if they could repair it rather than me doing another RMA and getting an even worse one, however, their response was an absolute joke, essentially they told me to "only use the monitor during the day and with a low brightness", needless to say, I cut the guy off there and proceeded to sort a RMA out with the retailer.


I was determined to get a good one as there was nothing else on the market that interested me at all and I didn't fancy any of the other 29" monitors due to them having their own downfalls.




The box is relatively small considering the size of the monitor. The monitor and items are well protected.




Along with the monitor, we receive one HDMI cable (which shouldn't be used as it doesn't properly support the 21.9 aspect ratio, instead DVI-D or a display port cable should be used), audio cables and the power brick (which is pretty small, it is a bit longer than a credit/debit card with the width being smaller than a credit/debit card) + power cord.




- Screen size: 29"

- Panel Type: IPS

- Aspect Ratio: 21:9

- Resolution: 2560x1080

- Brightness: 300 cd/m2

- Contrast Ratio: 50000000:1

- Viewing Angle: 178/178

- Colour Depth: 16.7M (8-Bit)

- Pixel Pitch: 0.315 x 0.310 mm

- Colour Gamut: sRGB

- Surface Treatment: Hard Coating (3H), Anti-Glare

- Connectivity: 1x DVI-D, 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort


- Dimensions (with stand) - 702.5 x 181 x 418.2

- Dimensions (without stand) - 702.5 x 63.8 x 328.2

- Warranty: 2 years


Aesthetics and Stand:


The monitor looks absolutely gorgeous overall, due to the bezel free edges at the top and sides (as in no plastic chassis sticking out), the front looks very sleek. My only complaints with the aesthetics are; the LG symbol AND "LG" writing at the front, only need to have the one there, not both... and the glossy plastic finish, I still don't know why manufacturers insist on using glossy plastic these days, it just looks cheap and is a finger print magnet, give me a matte finish any day of the week!






Underneath the power LED, we have a directional joystick for controlling the OSD, which in my eyes is better than having 5+ buttons to use like you get with DELL monitors. The OSD menu is very nicely laid out and easy to use and best of all, there is an option to turn off the power LED.




The rear ports on the back face outward, which I much prefer to downward facing ports, I find it much easier to connect and disconnect cables. We also have VESA mounting holes.




The stand is very basic, you only have angle adjustment and two height choices, with the max height still being too low (although it just about suits my desk layout). Dell still have the best stands out there.


Image quality:


Unfortunately, my camera will not do this screen any justice so you will just have to take my word!




Out of the box, the screen looks well calibrated already, in fact, I haven't even messed around with the settings except for reducing the brightness as it looks great as it is. I think the right side of my monitor is a bit darker than the left side. A photo of a black screen @13% brightness, once again, the camera makes the bleed look worse than what it really is.




The screen looks absolutely amazing, it is extremely bright, so much that I have the brightness set to 13% and my PC/monitor sits right beside a big velux window too.


The anti-glare coating seems really good, not too aggressive and not too light, definitely better than my Dell U2311H anti-glare coating.


I can't detect any banding either.




As usual with good IPS panels, the viewing angles are great. IPS glow doesn't seem to be much of an issue with this monitor, certainly better than my Dell U2311H.


Also, the "warm up" time from when you first turn the monitor on is very short i.e. it is very bright within milliseconds, with my Dell U2311H, it would take a few minutes till the brightness was normal (although it was fairly old so that probably had an impact)


The area where this monitor really shines and the sole reason I bought it is because of films, the majority of films take the full screen up so no black bars that you get with 16.9/16.10 screens. Of course there are a number of films that aren't shot in the 21.9 aspect ratio i.e. Pacific Rim, however, with the right media player, you can zoom in, this works pretty well for most films and the quality, sharpness still looks great. Most TV shows will have black bars at the side. With the content that has black bars at the side, the video image will be the same size as a 23" 16.9 monitor.










The majority of games also work well with the 21.9 aspect ratio. Some will have no problems at all where as others might have a few issues i.e. cut scenes & menus, the screen will go back to 16.9 so black bars at the side and some seem to cut of a bit at the top and bottom i.e. watch dogs, you should be able to see the menu completely but with this res./aspect ratio, you don't.










As you can probably tell from that last photo of BF 4, you also get more FOV at the sides, which is superb for vehicle gameplay, especially when flying jets. Not much of a MMORPG or racing gamer but I am sure that those sort of games would look even better on this monitor.


You can enable the 21.9 aspect ratio via file tweaks with most games that don't support the aspect ratio out of the box.


For more info. on which games do and don't support the 21.9 aspect ratio, check this thread on overlockers.co.uk out.


As for smoothness/response time, fast paced games i.e. battlefield 3 etc. they feel smoother on this monitor than my Dell U2311H and I can't see any blur, can't say that I feel at any disadvantage in these games, I still do well. Of course if you are a serious FPS gamer and don't mind not having the best image quality, colours etc. then you should be looking at TN 120Hz monitors.


I don't have the proper equipment to test the input lag, however, going by the AOC, ASUS and other newer LG 29" monitor reviews, the input lag should be 0-1ms. Not sure on the response time either, although in Linus's youtube review he says that he finds this monitor noticeably snappier than the 34UM95.


For general usage i.e. browsing, windows etc. I don't have any complaints about the 1080P vertical height res. I see some comments from people on a number of forums who regard it to be an "utterly stupid vertical height res.", true, you have to put in a lot more effort to scroll the middle mouse wheel a bit more often to see the next line...


You can easily watch a video plus read a web page on this ultrawide monitor. Three windows is a bit a too cramped for my liking.




Now this is the only other area that is rather disappointing, the majority of youtube videos out there will have black borders all the way around the actual video i.e.




There are quite a few videos, which support the 21.9 aspect ratio though.






All in all, I couldn't be happier. The monitor does everything I wanted. For any type of media and even general usage for browsing, 21.9 aspect ratio is superior to 16.9/16.10 in my opinion.


Films and games have that cinematic look now, which simply put, feels a lot more immersive than 16.9/16.10 aspect ratio monitors.


There are other 29" ultrawide monitors out there using the same panel but none of them ticked all the boxes like this LG model, we have the following:


AOC - stand looks really bad plus is sat too far forward (problem for me since my desk depth is already very small), build issues

Dell - would have been my choice due to their superb service and swap on door service (wouldn't have minded paying the extra £100 just for that), unfortunately the input lag is very high

ASUS - seems like the best screen all round for performance and image quality etc. but there are quite a few negative posts on their customer service/RMA, issues with build quality, no VESA mounting holes and a £100 more


So really the only area where LG could improve this monitor is; the stand, better QC and a matte plastic finish




- good price considering what you get

- great image quality all round

- nicely laid out OSD with easy to use joystick




- lottery as to if you will get a good one or not with regards to back light bleed i.e. QC testing is crap by LG

- glossy plastic finish

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Posted 18 July 2014 - 19:22

I've got myself 29EB73-P some months ago. Your review pretty much captures my sentiment with it. There aren't many things I really like. I do like this one. Unfortunately, mine also suffers from visible bleed. Because of reasons that at this moment are obvious, I'll just let it be. It's certainly there, but not a deal-breaker. They seem to be using the same panel and process for all their current models. I placed EB73-P model above others because I liked its stand.