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Xbox One sold at least 5 million units, hints Microsoft

xbox one microsoft sales

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Posted 20 August 2014 - 14:34

Microsoft has been incredibly quiet when in comes to Xbox One sales recently. Actually, they haven’t revealed any sales figures ever since they announced that the console sold 3 million units by the end of 2013. This announcement was made back in January, with another one following in April, which stated that more than 5 million Xbox One units have already been shipped to retailers. I’m not counting that second announcement because it doesn’t represent the number of consoles actually bought by users. However, today Microsoft talked a bit about the Upload Studio feature on Xbox Wire and they may have dropped a hint about the sales in the process.
The post originally stated that “To date, 5 million Xbox One gamers have created more than 500 million clips, and there are more than one million active Upload creators every month using Upload Studio and Kinect to edit clips and share their voice and personality with friends and the Upload community.” That news is pretty interesting by itself, but what caught my attention was the first part: “5 million Xbox One gamers”. As mentioned, the April announcement stated that 5 million units have been shipped to retailers with no mention on how many of them were bought by consumers. According to this post, it seems that there are definitely at lest 5 million Xbox One gamers now who already used Studio Upload, assuming that Microsoft counted them as individual users of course.
Interestingly enough, the post was later modified to read: “To date, millions of Xbox One gamers have created more than 500 million clips….” It wouldn’t be too surprising if Microsoft sold 5 million consoles by now would it? Actually, everyone pretty much expected something like that anyway so I’m not sure why they had to modify the post. In any case, let’s hope that Microsoft will make an actual announcement regarding the sales figures at some point in the near future.



Source: http://www.loadthega...ints-microsoft/


Strange why they edited the text, Gamespot covered it as well, but it seems 5 millions is the closet estimate we have - http://www.gamespot....s/1100-6421798/

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Posted 20 August 2014 - 14:38

Shipped and sold through should be close, no way retail will keep buying more if they're just sitting there and it's easy to bet on them selling through that 5million by now as that was back in April, months ago.    I'd say it's over 5million, we could and probably will, get a updated figure of some sort in September with the 2nd release to more markets.

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Posted 20 August 2014 - 20:00

Hot news item, glad we are on top of that :laugh:

Its crazy that people are watching this stuff so closely that they catch little edits like that.

It would seem that there are about 5 million consoles in the hands of users, which accurately reflects the 2:1 ratio we have seen mentioned.