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Best value Micro ATX (SFX?) power supply?

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 21:32



I've recently bought a new computer which uses the case and power supply from the CiT S003B (with a badly fitted and slightly bent side panel, argh!) and the power supply is rather noisy, so I'd like to switch it out.


The Silverstone SST-ST30SF Strider 300W looks like a great option (I love that it's semi fanless) but is out of stock at both places where it's reasonably priced (Scan and Overclockers) and is a little more than I'd like to spend anyway.


And it's the same deal with the be quiet! BN226 SFX Power 2 PSU 300W which I can't find for less than £50 from Amazon.


Can anyone please recommend a good alternative? I just want something that's quiet, will fit in the case and ideally doesn't cost much more than £30... would be very grateful for any recommendations, thank you :)

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 23:00

What hardware do you have in it?


You can always get a PICU-PSU. Otherwise, Antec Earthwatts is a good choice as well.

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 06:44

Sorry, I have an i3, 8GB RAM, 1 HDD and a 750 Ti so I think/hope just 300W would be okay.


And thank you, I'm looking at the Antec Earthwatts now, they seem like very good PSUs, but also bigger than what's currently in there? They look like normal PSUs... is there a particular type I need to look out for?

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Posted 23 August 2014 - 21:10

^ I would factor in your video card/chip and specific CPU wattage as well.