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Call of Duty Ghosts - Extinction

rollcall ghosts call of duty multiplayer coop

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I am not really a big fan of Call of Duty Ghosts in general. Multiplayer was lackluster and same thing over and over again.. but one thing they've done really great is the Extinction.


I adore it. Unlike zombies, I just couldn't get into, Extinction has really kept my attention and I had a blast playing through the episodic content.


I started this thread because i couldn't find similar ones and as a roll call for Extinction fans here.





My current Extinction setup/level:


Current prestige level: 21


Favorite weapon: LMG (with rapid fire or extended mags + ark)


Favorite setup:

- Medic

- MP443 Grach automatic pistol with ark attachment

- Ammo type:  Cryptid Slayer Ammo

- Team support: Armor

- Strike package: Sentry Guns with increased damage and protection from armory

- Equalizer package: Riot Shield


Alternate setup for maximum damage:

- Weapon Specialist (leveled up to give 50% damage boost on top of cryptid ammo's insane power)

- MP443 Grach automatic pistol with ark attachment

- Cryptid Slayer Ammo

- Strike package and Equalizer the same 



Most often used relics:


I usually use 4-5 relics for good amount of XP points and teeth and ease of getting completionist and the fact that more relics equals less fun and making playing extinction a chore rather than fun.


The relics I use the most:

- Take more damage

- Pistols only

- Stand your ground (move slower no reloading while sprinting)

- No Machines (no strike packages or equalizers)

- Mortal (no class selection)

- Do Less Damage (inflict less damage to aliens)

- Smaller Wallet


Now important to note is that I don't use all these relics at once all the time and I use them in combination with different classes and dependent on the map.


When I'm running medic I use (because medic invalidates basically take more damage and slow movement of stand your ground):

- Take more damage

- Pistols Only

- Stand Your Ground

- No Machines

- Smaller Wallet


When I'm running weapon specialist I'm running:

- Pistols Only

- Stand Your Ground

- No Machines

- Do Less Damage

- Smaller Wallet


When I'm feeling I want a bit more challenge I will run all of them which is around 6-7 relics but only when I play with a good team.


Favorite maps:

POC - Point of Contact




not a big fan of Exodus and Mayday but will play them.


Current unlocks from Armory:


Sentry Armor

High Grade Armor Piercing Ammo

Faster Revive

Faster Health Regeneration

Damage Upgrade

Seeker Explosion Protection

Higher Quality Incendiary Ammo

Hypno-Knife a Rhino

Medic Upgrade

Keep Valid Attachments

Pistol Ark Attachment

Cryptid Slayer Ammo


I'm working now towards Master Scavanger and to upgrade the rest of the smaller upgrades as I was really collecting teeth for Cryptid Slayer Ammo until recently.


If you guys like Extinction and you play it a lot, hit me up on XBox Live (Xbox One) .. the account is Bozzified.


Share your setups and favorite maps here.