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How to wake up the PC from Sleep?


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#1 Zoom7000


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Posted 31 August 2014 - 13:57

It might seem like a silly question, but how exactly do you wake the PC up from Sleep Mode? The reason I ask is because I find that sometimes, if I just walk past the PC and accidently nudge the table, causing the mouse to move like a millimeter then the PC will wake up. Conversely, sometimes I will sit down to use the PC and no matter how much I move the mouse or click buttons or press several keys on the keyboard it just won't wake up and then I need to whack several keys before it'll burst in to life.

So, what is the "correct" way to wake the PC up?

(Just as a passing thought, is it because I have a wireless keyboard and mouse (Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1000, Wireless Optical 2000) that the wireless receiver is probably going to sleep too therefore causing the wake up delay? But that doesn't explain why sometimes even the slightest nudge will wake the PC up)

#2 Max Norris

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Posted 31 August 2014 - 15:04

There's multiple signals that will wake it up. Mouse, keyboard, hardware button, wake on LAN, scheduled task, etc etc.  They're all correct.  If the mouse is that sensitive, you can disable the mouse's ability to wake the system.  I disable it myself too because yea, I bump the thing all the time. I typically just hit a key on the keyboard myself, but there's no wrong answer.



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Posted 01 September 2014 - 23:03

Wake On Lan via my Sony Xperia Z1 for sleep/hibernate/shutdown for my laptop and PC.