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EWWW that IS Britney Spears?!?

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#181 MikeCoz



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Posted 03 May 2004 - 23:58

OK and here is the real story (well maybe) behind these pics...

Britney Leaves from LA to London in Tears

A disillusioned and distraught Britney Spears departed Los Angeles yesterday April 24th bound for London for the European leg of her world tour. Britney was shattered by the English tabloid story that broke today about her current boyfriend who after apparently claiming to be single and available turns out to have a wife and babies stashed at home. Britney who hid out in her bungalow in the grounds of L.A.'s swanky Beverly Hills Hotel all day was heard slamming doors and shouting and screaming at someone on the phone and at some hotel staff. Britney who seemed to be alone until late in the afternoon when she was joined by her assistant was brought two packets of Marlboro light cigarettes at different intervals by hotel room service and has been seen chain smoking on her recent excursions out and about L.A. But the most notable sign of her condition was when Britney on the way to the international airport and on thinking she had given the media the slip jumped out of her SUV at a gas station sobbing and ran inside to buy some cheeto's cheese sticks and orange soda. But after spotting the media outside she quickly ducked out of view to wipe her teary eyes smearing her makeup before making a dash back to the car and speeding off to the airport. She stayed in the back of the car whilst her bags were unpacked and the police tried to clear the media horde and then a very spotty complexioned Britney Spears make her way onto her flight. Britney's first concert is at London's Wembley Arena on the 26th of April.

edit: I just found out this is from a tabloid so really they could've changed these pics and made up this story.

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#182 BassRck4


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Posted 04 May 2004 - 00:14

Have a Doughnut!

#183 jack_canada


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Posted 04 May 2004 - 01:42


#184 brianshapiro


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Posted 04 May 2004 - 01:54

Yes, I've always thought Britney Spears was a little ugly even before these pictures. And I don't think the average person is ugly, just not beautiful; so I would prefer an average girlfriend over Britney as far as beauty goes. I don't want to be harsh on someone for their looks; I'm just responding because I always see people saying how she's beautiful. I always figured that deficiencies in her looks passed because people are attracted to the certain 'nastiness' that both she and Christina Aguilera have. So yes Britney is attractive, but not because she's so beautiful, because she looks sexual -- the two are not the same thing. Because she is fully figured, dresses/acts sexually, and has a little ugliness that makes you want to have sex with her. Most porn stars have a little ugliness. There is actually some thought that goes a woman is more sexually attractive if she has a little ugliness. Most of the signature pics of Neowin members that show women are more or less like this. And when people call here a ###### or slut its not because they are asserting something literal about her sexual habits, or they are talking about her opportunism (for example we say congressmen are ######); but they are just using the word to refer to her public manner; that she acts like a slut would act. OK.

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Posted 04 May 2004 - 02:52

Hey..c'mon It's ALL about the music....{right}!!

she doesnt sing. she lip sync and fans from the UK are saying that she does a terrible job at that.

#186 laciemh



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Posted 04 May 2004 - 03:25

heh.. even if the story behind the pictures is horrible.. they can still make a girl feel great.. :yes:

#187 Widdowmaker



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Posted 04 May 2004 - 05:03

It is a well knowen fact that all models have their published photos photoshopped. And even before that they air-brush their entier body (every inch usaly) with spray on makeup, they then add more makeup for detail.

Im willing to bet they buy extra large drains for their showers, soo much makeup woudl clog up a normal drain.

#188 amir



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Posted 04 May 2004 - 05:08

nice photoshop pics

it's real picture !
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

#189 Flash



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Posted 04 May 2004 - 05:29

it's real picture !
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

yea i know, he didn't want to face the truth that way lol :laugh:

#190 [DGS]


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Posted 04 May 2004 - 05:47

yeap thats her alright... without the make-up..

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Posted 04 May 2004 - 07:12

she looks....real :o
and so much money and has acne :laugh:

#192 vetBroChaos


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Posted 04 May 2004 - 20:56

the acne is real. i've seen videos and stuff and it's all there. she is a dog.

i like the pic with the "help stop underage smoking" sticker

#193 dmeags



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Posted 04 May 2004 - 23:06

I stand corrected

#194 Rek™


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Posted 05 May 2004 - 00:18

Pardon? what happened to my post?

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Guest_Dan C_*
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Posted 05 May 2004 - 00:19

Hacker: One who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations

Wtf? And did mods remove our posts?