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Skipping Commercials Is Stealing According To Turner Ceo

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#1 werejag


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 08:20

#2 Prof. Frink

Prof. Frink

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Posted 02 May 2002 - 11:00

Seems like everything we do is considered stealing these days... :right:

#3 svmpatel


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 11:24

Yeah right... It really does seem like we can't do anything nowadays without being accused of stealing.

/me wipes my backside after a good long hard dump on the head of Jamie Kellner (chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting).

Does this mean i'll be accused of stealing his air?


Why can't it be made LEGAL to shoot people like this?

#4 betax


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 11:37

Sigh... where in the TV licence agreement state that you have to watch the comercials.

DCMA and other **** like this needs to be voted out and new laws that PROTECT US FROM STUFF LIKE THE DCMA from being made should be put in its place.

The DCMA and its newest encarnation only hurt consumers and developers.. Large companys abuse it to crush even small little developers that just want to find out how something works.. Why can't people in high places see that?

Jesus christ. I am learning Japanese and moving to Japan.. that seams to be a MUCH better place to live then America.

#5 vetWickedkitten


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 12:12

That's got to be the silliest thing I've ever heard.

"Because of the ad skips.... It's theft. Your contract with the network when you get the show is you're going to watch the spots. Otherwise you couldn't get the show on an ad-supported basis. Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming."

You have to watch the spots eh? What if I want to get off my ass during a break and get some nachos or go take a pee? It's the same reasoning cos either way you aren't watching the advert.

They are getting paid the same amount whether you choose to watch the advert or not so they should quit their bitching.

I think he/she/it is just looking for a scapegoat for lost revenue and doesn't want to blame AOL

#6 +primortal


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 12:36

"Because of the ad skips.... It's theft. Your contract with the network when you get the show is you're going to watch the spots. Otherwise you couldn't get the show on an ad-supported basis. Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming."

You gotta be sh*tting me. I am paying for that station(s) as it is through my cable bill, now I am forced to watch the crap commercials they air? How can skipping ads be stealing? I didn't purchase a license to watch the program so what am I actually stealing? Like what Wickedkitten said, they get paid regardless if we watch the ads or not. They are such lame retarts, they need a good beating. I betcha this person gets to watch all the shows he want with the ads removed.

(looking through my cable bill for and EULA)

#7 paulladle


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 12:43

I think he's missing the point that if you (the viewer) are paying for your TV (through a license or Pay TV) then you can watch what you want, as you are still paying for it even when you're not watching. Perhaps we should try to claim back money for when we're not watching? That's about 20 hours unwatched a day for me, rebate should be in the post Mr. Kellner?

#8 Osiris


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 16:12

Skip ads? what this sounds like the holygrail of TV

Im in Australia, you know how behind in technology we are, so whats this about skipping ads, please explain?

You mean we have the technology to skip ads, Ive heard of it but never thought it would ever come in.

#9 Guest_deadzombie_*

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Posted 02 May 2002 - 16:48

I'm not stealing a damn thing. All of my television is digitally broadcast, and I pay a hefty bit of my hard earned (lol) payroll each month to Time Warner for it.

Just because I have no desire to see whats been added to Cheer detergent (now thats a cool product...doesnt it seem like they add some new chemical to it ever month? I bet it eats chrome off of bumpers) or how I'll be a better person for buying from Sears, that doesn't give anyone the right to call me a theif.

If they don't like the way their networks operate, maybe it's time for them to stop broadcasting over the free airwaves and look at another business model instead of placing blame on their customer base.

#10 -Viper-



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Posted 02 May 2002 - 16:57

Still looking for my tvEULA!

Must find it. I know it is around here somewhere.

#11 Max


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 17:56

hmm, i wonder if shuting your eyes is stealing, perhaps even blinking during an advert!!! :rambo:

#12 Tai



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Posted 02 May 2002 - 17:59

yum.. lets hope adaware come up with somethin nice to skip ads on tv...

if not... a slide show of kusanagi's sig chick will do nicely :D

#13 Kusanagi


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 18:14

You just love megumi, don't ya? Okay... let's post the first slide here then :p

Posted Image

#14 vetEmuZombie



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Posted 02 May 2002 - 18:17

it's funny... it really is... I never once signed any contract or anything requiring me to watch ads.... acording to what's said, something as simple as flipping through channels are going to the bathroom during a commercial break is "stealing"

#15 AgEnTsMiTh


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Posted 02 May 2002 - 18:23

Put some naked chicks in commercials like they do everywhere ELSE in the world but here in the US then Ill watch the commercials.