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USB Mouse keeps cutting out.

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#1 bilston


    Weenie Beenie

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Posted 17 June 2002 - 16:41

I have the USB IntelliMouse Optical and on WinXP it keeps cutting out, the light on the bottom goes out and I cant use it, this happens in all ports.

I'm on a P4 2.4Ghz system with the Intel 845 Chipset drivers installed. And it happens at all speeds :/

Its really annoying it keep going out, can someone please help? :)

#2 username


    neowin mountaineer

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Posted 17 June 2002 - 16:43

try getting the latest motherboard USB drivers, that helps sometimes

#3 The_Unknown



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Posted 17 June 2002 - 16:44

happened to me a few weeks ago. my mouse was almost 3 years old... heard that the life expectancy on those things was 2-3 years. anyway, i picked up the MS intellimouse wireless explorer... KICKS ASS! get one.

oh, but pick up a recharger and some batteries too... my batts die every two weeks.... then again... i'm on the system a good 15 hours a day.

#4 Lectos



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Posted 17 June 2002 - 16:54

Mine did the same thing. The original USB IntelliMouse Optical has a known short in it. The short gets worse with normal use and will eventually kill the mouse. If you contact Microsoft support they might replace it for you. They have replaced mine and a few other people I know. Maximum PC had an article on it a couple of months ago.

#5 OP bilston


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Posted 17 June 2002 - 17:11

Thanks, I'll give them a ring.