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Flash-based Zune due in Q407, better WiFi soon

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#1 ToneKnee


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Posted 22 January 2007 - 19:48

It looks like the same discussion with Chris Stephenson that yielded that 2007 European Zune launch figure also gave up a few more details about the Zune line: apparently we can expect a flash-based Zune for the holiday season later this year (damn they're taking their dear sweet time on that) and apparently Stephenson also hinted at "a truly WiFi-enabled device" at some point in the future, according to Digital Music News. We don't really know what that means, but if it is what we think it is -- a version of the Zune that does all the things with its WiFi that the first version should have, like support over-the-air downloads and unencumbered sharing of subscription music -- then we might have to throw a little fit up in this piece. Zune peeps, we know you're reading this: upgrade the firmware and add the features, don't try to sell us a v2 device that does what the V1 device can and should. That is all.

Source: http://www.engadget....tter-wifi-soon/

#2 Slimy


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Posted 22 January 2007 - 20:03

Yeah it was hinted at in one of the quotes that I posted up for the Zune Europe release. Of course, most people don't read past the title, so their loss in missing that small detail. Kinda sucks that it will be available by the end of the year, but what can you do.

#3 +Brandon Live

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Posted 22 January 2007 - 22:12

Well, "By the end of the year" doesn't necessarily mean "at the end of the year." Though it's certainly less encouraging than an earlier timeframe would have been. I'm very interested to see what comes with firmware updates, though. There's a lot of untapped potential in the current device.

#4 vetMathachew


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Posted 22 January 2007 - 22:23

I'm very interested in that flash based player. :drool: