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Windows Home Server RTM's

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#1 wd40


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Posted 16 July 2007 - 20:33

Microsoft released Windows Home Server (WHS) to manufacturing today, hitting the final milestone for software that will power several turnkey home servers that OEMs will put on the market in late September and early October.

News Source

Microsoft have posted the following set of documentation for the RTM edition of Windows Home Server:

* Windows Home Server Getting Started Guide: The RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version of the Getting Started Guide has been posted to the download center on the Microsoft web site. Currently, the English version of this guide is available. In the next week or two, French, Spanish and German versions of the Getting Started Guide will get published.

* Windows Home Server Reviewer's Guide: The Reviewer's Guide has detailed descriptions about the features and functionality of Windows Home Server.

* Windows Home Server SDK Documentation: The final RTM version of the SDK Documentation should get updated later this week on the MSDN site.

News Source: Windows Home Server Blog

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#2 Digitalx



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Posted 16 July 2007 - 20:38

good to finally have done last push and now we will have to see how unique the hardware to go with it is :)

#3 A10


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Posted 16 July 2007 - 21:02

Hopefully they fix everything they could my install of RC1 still has some lingering issues.

#4 vetPL_


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Posted 16 July 2007 - 21:22

I don't see the incentive in getting this.

#5 +scumdogmillionaire


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Posted 17 July 2007 - 21:30

i wonder when i'll see it on msdn. i'd like to give it a go!

#6 MtnDewCodeRedFreak


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Posted 17 July 2007 - 21:32

WHS looks nice from the screenshots, but ....

I'd prefer the actual Server 2003/2008 OS.

#7 A10


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Posted 17 July 2007 - 23:21

Well Server 2003 and 2008 and Home Server are meant for different enviroments. Home Server is a NAS Server 03/08 is well a Server OS you can hack WSUS and other things into WHS, but the types of systems that are being used and will be used don't have the horsepower or the data redundacy for things like active directory and exchange plus incorporating that stuff into WHS would make it's price skyrocket.

#8 Smigit


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Posted 18 July 2007 - 01:51

I don't see the incentive in getting this.

I want it because I want something a tad simpler than messing about in linux that just serves multimedia and backs up my other pc's...I dont really need or want any other functionality and backing up my other pc's to dvd is a drag and I rarely even bother.

Also the ability to just pop HD's in and out to me seems very good and for this type of system.

I wont pay hundreds for the OS but as I have a copy of Server 2003 I got via MSDN. However if its available OEM for a reasonable price then yes, I'll quite likely consider it.

I know other OS's will cover most of the functionality but for this sort of device I'd rather the minimal feature set and something I can just plug in and forget rather than Linux or anything else which would require me doing some manual work to get things off the ground initiailly.

#9 CrimsonRedMk



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Posted 18 July 2007 - 02:38

Alright, so this product is not for most of us on Neowin, and personally, I don't know if the general public is ready for it either...My guess on a customer's reaction when hearing about this would be, "Well, what's wrong with putting my stuff in the My Documents folder?". Nonetheless, this is a great product that does what it says. Sure Linux and Windows Server 2003 are much better, but not for Joe Smith.

#10 brandnewfantx



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Posted 18 July 2007 - 02:58

I don't see the incentive in getting this.


WHS looks nice from the screenshots, but ....

I'd prefer the actual Server 2003/2008 OS.

Likewise Server 03SP2 That should do the trick.

#11 Ayepecks


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Posted 18 July 2007 - 04:14

I'd like to get this (specifically the HP MediaSmart Home Server), but I'm going to bet it costs way too much money. I'd only be willing to pay $500 or less for what essentially amounts to a storage backup PC.