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8 meat patties + 9 slices of cheese

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Posted 16 August 2007 - 14:58

So what do they call it? the McCardiac? :p

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Posted 17 August 2007 - 12:11

this story kinda annoys me, this has made it onto the 6:00 news in australia, and they've had expert opinions on a burger some kid would have ordered for a joke then uploaded the video to youtube, everyone knows if you ordered something that big its not good for you

the news here seems to search youtube for new stories everynight

this burger is not on the menu at all and the staff arn't told by the manager (if someone asks for a supersized quater pounder then its 8 paddies), its just a custom order the've just asked for a "2 pounder" which is 8 paddies

here is a video of a friend of a friend, i can count at least 10 paddies (looks like there are 2 more hidden)
what im ranting about really is just how the news here is searching youtube for stories and its lame, if its news on the internet thats fine, but 6:00 news with experts called in to make there opinion, and they probably questioned macdonalds over it

I'd guess he was sitting there for an hour or so, that must have been cold by the time he ate the last one. Cold burgers wouldn't be particularly appealing if I was hungry, but if I'd just eaten 10+ burgers I think I'd throw up.