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31 days of the dragon - Entries

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 23:02

Well thats two people up for eating their dragons :p

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 23:23

Hi ok I know I said I wanted to use post #300 but I would like to change it and use this one, this one is much louder thanks to ffenliv for the help!! And I won't be changing it no more!!

If I had a real life dragon he would be my pet, his
name would be Kitty.

Kitty can fly, but not very well, he has bad eyesight,
he crashed into a telephone pole, which uprooted, he
got tangled in the wires which uprooted all the poles
in the neighborhood.
That was the day that aunt ethel was getting a secret
recipe from aunt Joline and only got half of it,
well aunt joline died the next day, so aunt ethel
never got that recipe.

One time we were passing a ball back and forth which
didnt last long, Kitty hit it with his tail and it
went through 25 houses,
needless to say it had hit one blind man and knocked
him down the stairs, he didnt even have a chance to
see what was coming.

Kitty really don't mean to hurt anyone, just don't
hand feed him, my friend billy bob went to feed kitty
out of his hand one day,
well billy bob now has no right arm.

I will never forget the day he accidently burned my grandma's wig, and
everyone found out she was bald.

Enough of the stories, there are to many to tell, if I
had a dragon, this is just a little taste of what he would
be like.

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 23:56

WOW Just got in the nick of time. The song is rushed because I just finished it RIGHT NOW.

This is my entry: 10 Dragon Commandments. Just to make sure this, Post#333, is my entry :) Confirming it.

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Posted 26 May 2008 - 23:59

Thanks very much guys! See below :)