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[Official] Forza 3

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 17:09

Put in disc one first and follow the instructions on the screen, do not install the game to your hard drive until you have followed all the instructions on the first disc. I made the same mistake when I bought my original copy :)

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Posted 07 January 2011 - 12:40

I been playing GT5 a fair bit and I have to say while the photo mode is obviously incredibly beautiful, the gameplay is just not as good as Forza, the physics dont seem as dynamic, the maps themselves seem kindof plain (especially when the 'premium' models are so detailed - they look out of place) - the main difference though is the framerate - I had my PS3 and 360 runnin at same time, I played a course in GT5 then quickly switched to the channel my 360 was on and the difference was unbelievable - as Forza is closer to constantly being 60FPS, you really feel way more like your moving fast.

The ONLY thing I prefer in GT5 is the modelling (handling, sound and graphically) of the integrale in it, it is IMO by far the best modelling of an integrale yet, and just about beats Forza 3's (though GT5 loses respect for having 12,000 rpm on the clock rather than 9,000).

One thing I never understood in Forza 3 though is why you can't get the 'Bianco Pearlatto' (white anisotropic/'flip' paint) paint colour for the integrale anymore - it was there in Forza 2 :(