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[HOW-TO]System Restore under Server 2003

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#31 Joel


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Posted 11 July 2003 - 15:05

Methinks you should sticky this, it's asked every 3 days.

#32 Keldyn


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Posted 11 July 2003 - 15:07

agreed (Y)

#33 vetJohn


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Posted 11 July 2003 - 15:08

yes, sticky it (Y)

:o who edited this :p

unless gosh = drtbalu :ninja:

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#34 zeebaf



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Posted 12 July 2003 - 03:30

gogosh mission impossible

Damet garm,

But I always use backup option.

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#35 Keldyn


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Posted 12 July 2003 - 03:57

threads merged

#36 OP gosh



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Posted 12 July 2003 - 09:58

Hi guys,

I just went to that other site, and saw drtbalu's post. If you look at his post, he COPIED and PASTED what i said, and just put his name instead of mine for the credit lol. How crappy is that? I used to post at that other site as username gosh, but left because the site was just full of lamers, and lamers looking up to other lamers. And what perfect example of that, then some guy copying what i said and getting worshipped at that site. So no, i am not drtbalu, ive never met him before.

But anyway, i love this site and ill never go back to that other site. I think im banned actually, oh well.

On an unrelated note, over the past couple of days ive messed with my server, making it a domain controller and installing exchange 2003 on it. Who thinks i should use system restore to go back before i did all that and see what happens? lol


#37 raid517



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Posted 12 July 2003 - 23:45

Dude a number of people have tried to say this here, but the mods keep deleting the posts. Who knows, maybe this one will get deleted too. Its very weird, why don't the Neowin mods want people to know it was done here by you first?


#38 OP gosh



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Posted 13 July 2003 - 00:52

One of the rules at neowin is to not talk about other sites. That's why i referred to that site as the "other site".

Also, bink was kind enough to put this thread on his website - thanks bink!


#39 TheMysterio



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Posted 14 July 2003 - 03:17

thanks for this m8

#40 vettomwarren


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Posted 14 July 2003 - 11:39


#41 bobg



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Posted 19 July 2003 - 08:26

@ gosh. Great job on sussing out how to install system restore on W2K3 Server despite that scab on the other site plagarising it.

I was wondering if a similar process could be used to get system restore to install on Windows 2000?

I have tried the W2K3 Server install method on Windows 2000 but get the error that srclient.dll cannot be run - probably because it calls some other files not present in the winnt/system32 directory of a Windows 2000 installation but are there in XP and W2K3 Server [windows/system32 in these OSs].

I also tried the sledgehammer approach - copy all of system32 from an XP install to a W2K install - but as I expected W2K spat the dummy and would not boot.

Any thoughts?

PS: This is my first post here and while this is really about Windows 2000 it seemed more suitable at the end of this thread.

#42 Keldyn


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Posted 19 July 2003 - 08:28

It can not be done on W2k. Much like themes it is too deeply embedded into the OS. Sorry.

#43 aLTeReGo



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Posted 22 January 2006 - 16:36

Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with Server 2003 SP1?

#44 jhonyl



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Posted 31 May 2008 - 05:25

I have tried to install it under windows server 2003 R2 Enterprise. I used the http://win2k3.msfn.org/sysrestore.htm, and it has put a system restore that I can launch. I didn't yet try to restore anything with it. But the thing is that I get an anoying error message on startup saying that one of the services didn't start. It is the 'Application Experience Lookup Service' that doesn't start, and the error is 1083.

I don't know yet what to do, I looked up the registry where SRService is supposed to be and it is there. It is a new installation so I can just reinstall it. Or try the backup that I made before. Or I can try to figure out how to make it work. Though I have thought of a new concern for not trying to make it work and that is that my server have 8GB, and use the PAE to use them and I read some about that normal drivers may cause system instability with PAE. So I wonder if the system restore drivers are OK for PAE, or not :s

#45 DJ_Alex



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Posted 31 May 2008 - 10:28

Forget system restore is too lame for a win2k3 hehe.

Get the real thing: http://www.acronis.com/