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Official PC vs. The World


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#46 WastedJoker


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Posted 11 October 2011 - 10:12

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#47 Athlonite


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Posted 15 October 2011 - 14:02

:laugh: HI I'm a PC gamer nuf said :woot:

#48 Buio



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Posted 23 July 2012 - 09:38

EA boss says "The fastest growing platform for video games today is the PC" in a interview.

Now if he could only get the NHL guys at EA to do a PC version so I can finally play an up to date hockey game on my PC. See an learn from 2K studios and their NBA-series (which is available on PC).

#49 phunkymunky



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Posted 20 August 2012 - 22:53

because my xbox 360 cannot compete with my gaming machine for performance, range of games, modability of games and the mouse/keyboard controls!

this beats the 360 hands down:

CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K
MOBO: Gigabyte Z68XP UD3
GPU: Gigabyte SOC Geforce GTX 670 2GB
RAM: 2 x 8GB G.Skill 1600MHz DDR3
HDD1: Intel 520 120GB SSD
HDD2: WD 2TB 5400RPM for dumping ground

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Posted 21 August 2012 - 12:55


And it's fun to build rigs :D

#51 Pupik


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Posted 21 August 2012 - 12:58

And it's fun to build rigs :D

No it's not. Had a hell of a time building my new system a few days ago, just because of one faulty sata cable.

#52 CG-88



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Posted 21 August 2012 - 13:03

I still think that's fun lol diagnosing any problems you have.

#53 cammy



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Posted 31 May 2013 - 01:23

I love building a new pc, I love using my PC, but does it 'beat' an xbox and ps3? That's just an utterly pointless argument.

#54 Enron


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Posted 31 May 2013 - 01:28

What's a game that will show off great PC graphics?

#55 xXys0seriousXx



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Posted 28 July 2013 - 17:24

What's a game that will show off great PC graphics?


If your system can handle it, any of the Crysis games on ultra settings. Crysis 3 would be the most logical since it uses the newest CryEngine version.

#56 NightScreams



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Posted 04 October 2013 - 00:50

For the most and only part it was the graphical enhancements (higher res and AA/AF) along with mods and Steam deals that kept me a PC gamer. The current gen consoles was a mistake with little ram and difficult for devs and made me a PC focused gamer for this gen, however during this time, I just don't have the overall fun that I always had with consoles and do miss being console focused and have for some time. At the cost of a tongue lashing, Now that the new consoles are arriving with a hardware focus more for developers than previous, I actually plan to sell off my gaming rig and go back to less elite team. Probably also get a laptop for general computer stuff, either OSX or get Linux as I was never too fond of Windows in some aspects and 8 didn't help either. So that would free up my OS preferences.


It's a number of things really. I could make a huge list of why I have grown tired of PC gaming over the last several years but to keep it short, with consoles I don't get sidetracked with doing other things and I miss the streamlined experience vs doing so many things manually all the time. I love how I can just plug in my G27 wheel and put on a racing game and it works perfectly and feels amazing vs PC where I always had to set it up manually, from sensitivity to calibrating and the experience between racer's varied greatly. Then of course I have to physically make room at my desk for it where on console I just prop the wheelstand pro up on the floor, plug it in and relax with room in front of me. Just the general manual configuration and options to everything, from audio drivers and various software to .ini files, dpi settings, adjust sensitivities for everything, . I used to like tinkering but now I find it a horrible experience especially if I want/need to refresh Windows


I'm isolated at my desk. With kb/mouse I can't move around as much or lay down, slouch too much..etc. Most games are so similar that the only differences is your options of graphical enhancements and possible cheaper Steam deal for those that wait or pre purchase and those things will never change. I miss the social aspect that consoles have. I don't know anyone who is geek enough to use PC games and no one ever VOIP's and few ever type so even MP feels lonely in some ways. Everyone on PC has so many different brands and qualities of hardware and peripherals but on console I know most all are using the gamepad even if it's not super fast n accurate, we are all handicapped to the same general level playing field.


I miss borrowing games with friends, renting a game for the weekend, selling my freaking games or just oogling stuff at Gamestop and having something physical if that's not weird. Digital is great in many ways as we all know but I collect things and physical packages can have it's own rewards for some people like me.

On PC, most of my old games don't work too well, really old titles I can emulate but many others just flat out will not run in Windows 8 forcing my options to a second oldschool rig or special configs when I could just plug in an old console and be playing within minutes. Devs cater to the console version and that won't change, we all know of the port syndrome but no one is exactly pushing A.I. with all this epic hardware power nor will they ever, rather we just get options to optimize it for all of the other options we had when building the rig, it's like game options for the hardware we had options for, then there is driver options for game options...err..ahhhh.


I'm not belittling PC gaming at all. I wanted to afford all the higher end goodies for higher FPS and enjoyed hardware and tweaking but keeping up to the great 60FPS god for every game is like hunting for Atlantis (I'd hate to mention how many titles dip below console frame rates with an OC 680gtx) and the streamlined experience of consoles actually keeps me more focused on what it is that makes any particular game fun.


So that's why I'm leaving PC gaming. It was a good ride, rough and educational but good, especially since this gen of consoles kinda sucked in comparison. This gen looks brighter and PC's will always have that next step visual as the console ages but even those seem to be drawing closer each gen and it shouldn't be too hard to understand why so many people lean on the console side when it comes down to it.

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 01:26

Today's modding is nowhere near as good as it was in the old days. I'd say things started going bad after 2005. For some reason, developers created games that were modder-unfriendly. They didn't release the necessary tools to help modders and in some cases, made their games so "closed" that you couldn't even play custom maps or use custom weapons (e.g. Call of Duty 4 -> Modern Warfare 2).


I think you're describing DLC.