Apple takes axe to MacBook Air SSD price

Apple's MacBook Air - still the world's slimmest laptop; VoodooPC's Envy isn't shipping yet - just got cheaper. Well, sort of. Apple's knocked £300/$500 off the price of the solid-state drive model.

Launched at £2028/$3098, the Air with the 64GB SSD now costs £1719/$2598, undoubtedly thanks to tumbling Flash memory prices. The sub-notebook's other specs remain the same.

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But SSD operates 24/7. It can't be in standby-mode. You can't temporarily switch of some "cells".
So total power consumption for specific period is much higher than HDDs have.

The truth is... SSD sucks. Very much. They are slower than HDD, heating more and consume more power.
And Apple trying to get rid of it.

Not true. SSD have marginally slower write times and around 0.25-0.5W extra power usage - however they produce much less heat and read/seek times are significantly faster (the write times are too on SLC based ones).

I prefer Toshiba's Protege R500 o R505. They have more power and include an optical drive.
Not to mention that all of the slimmest PC's have more than 1 USB port.

The design of Macbook AIR is nice, but i won't pay that for any design, i prefer performance over looks, specially when it comes to notebooks because they are not cheap to replace too often.

It's now within the realm of temptation. But considering it would be essentially a downgrade from my Macbook on most counts, I can't really justify it.

What I really want is a 13" Macbook Pro. And preferably in black or something better than the very outdated MBP look they currently have.

I'm getting more and more tempted to replace the Macbook with something non-Apple, like a Dell XPS.

Dell XPS's are very solid laptops.

Couldn't be happier with my new one and a fraction of the price of an Apple for a better spec ^_^

I would've got a 13 inch MBP straightaway, even if it was thicker than the MacBook. Integrated graphics suck.

As the old saying from my days in the military goes: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullstuff" (cleaned up for public posting lol)

Next thing you know people that bought the SSD model will be screaming about the price drop and demanding rebates.... (just joking)...

Still overpriced considering the specs and expected performance. I guess if you have money to burn...