1 billion Firefox downloads served

Mozilla has celebrated a milestone from its great hit Mozilla Firefox, reaching 1 billion downloads. The open source browser released its first version in 2004 with nearly 3 million people already using it before it was able to achieve version 1.0.

Firefox has been through dozens of official releases and countless number of nightly builds, a compile of the latest builds, sometimes unstable at night. The browser has seen tremendous success over the last 3 years, bringing in over 30% market share, receiving dozens of awards from IT specialists and software review web sites, and even setting a Guinness World Record for the most number of downloads in a 24 hour period of 8,000,000 downloads.

Firefox leads the way in the open source community with its ability to customize the interface, add-ons, supported plug-ins, and many other extensions that improve the users surfing experience. Of course the number of current Firefox users is much smaller than that of Internet Explorer; the browser has continued to show growth over the course of the last year.

Currently Firefox 3.5 is the new release from Mozilla, showing off its powerful speed with better memory management, improved security and reliability over previous builds. The number of downloads reflects that of Mozilla's statistics over the course of the last couple of years and not that of actual users.

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im happy for FF.. but i've been having issues with mine lately.. sometimes certain sites, I got to reload a couple of times before i can see it.. kinda sucks :(.. but I hate to switch from FF

1 billion downloads does not equal 1 billion unique users. Still though, Fire Fox does hold a permanent position in my Start Menu, alongside IE and Chrome.

I think that in the last month i have downloaded Firefox more than 20 times, i test the builds on the FTP. Donwload and i like to format-c =D. downloads arent users. And until I download Firefox, i use the best browser, Opera (L)

yxz said,

That's irrelevant. what does that have to do with the article. last time i check
the article wasn't about opera or chrome it was about Firefox.

You failed at testing? :P

Awesome how its 1 billion already, thats a big number. Who will be the first to hit double digit BILLIONS when it comes to downloading? Not far off i imagine!

Really? I installed Firefox 3.5 on my grandmother's computer, and she only uses Yahoo for her email. Maybe she's just an undercover computer whiz, but she manages to use Yahoo Mail just dandy...

I've been disappointed with 3.5 so far. Never far away are these lovely javascript errors about low memory state or something... never saw them till 3.5 final.