10 Things Longhorn needs

When it comes right down to it, what exactly does Longhorn, the next version of Windows really need to have? Let's face it, Windows XP was largely a cleaned up, prettified version of Windows 2000.

Longhorn, which has been in development now for something like a million years is supposed to be truly next generation. So what should it have?

This article over at WinCustomize.com has been developed over the past few days goes over 10 features users seem to think Longhorn needs to have.

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2) Updated Searching. Google Desktop search only exists because the Find Files feature of Windows is essentially useless. I should be able to quickly find something on my system instantly

It's not nearly as bad as you would have it seem. Turning on indexing is what speeds it up greatly.

5) Stop bloating with needless bundling. Every new version of Windows throws in some half-assed immitation of third party software. While we can all appreciate having a "free" version of ZIP or uxtheme or movie maker, it damages third party software development. I'd rather think that when I BUY my copy of Windows that the work was put into features that only the OS vendor could do. Especially since Microsoft rarely puts any effort to let third parties expand on what they bundle (like adding RAR support to the compressed folders for example).

I don't see a problem with them doing what they do. Movie Maker is great for a guy like me and my family sure as hell likes the fact that zip files are supported right off the bat. Uxtheme? Why should someone have to BUY theming when it's just as available in the other main OS'es also?