'$100 laptop' production begins

Five years after the concept was first proposed, the so-called $100 laptop is poised to go into mass production. Hardware suppliers have been given the green light to ramp-up production of all of the components needed to build millions of the low-cost machines. Previously, the organisation behind the scheme said that it required orders for 3m laptops to make production viable.

The first machines should be ready to put into the hands of children in developing countries in October 2007. "There's still some software to write, but this is a big step for us," Walter Bender, head of software development at One Laptop per Child (OLPC), told the BBC News website. The organisation has not said which countries have bought the first machines.

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This reminds me of one of the special features on the "The Gods Must Be Crazy" DVD. Many years after the filming, the filmmakers returned to the tribe of bushmen, bringing a laptop with them. You should’ve seen the smiles and looks of awe on the children’s faces. These kids had most likely never seen a computer before. Just think about the millions of other children who will be inspired to strive for a better way of life because they have the proper tools to help them on their way.

Now why does the phrase, "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated..." come to mind?? [BTW, just kidding. ] This is a very good idea.

Actually, saying that this will bring them a "better way of life" is a very subjective belief, they don't think that their way of life is all that bad. They probably think that our way of life is not as good as their's. What you should have said instead that it will enhance their way of life.