100,000 changes in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft may have launched the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 today but the company is also holding a big press event at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain to help promote the launch. During the event, which was covered by Engadget, Steven Sinofsky, the leader of the Windows team, said they have made over 100,000 changes for the Consumer Preview version compared to the Developer Preview which launched back in September.

The press event went through a number of features in Windows 8, from the personalized lock screen (with items like a calendar and battery rating) and of course the new Metro interface. Windows 8 will come with its own video store where people can download movies to rent or purchase. It will also come with a number of apps including Amazon's Kindel eBook reader and more.

You can check out the live feed from the event to see more of Windows 8 or you can simply download the Consumer Preview version and try it out for yourself. If you don't want to risk your PC to run what is still technically beta software, the final and commercial version of Windows 8 is expected to launch sometime before the end of 2012.

Image via Engadget

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techguy77 said,
Visually looks the same as CF. Changes probably apply to kernel and other things. You can see full review Engadget. It is interesting review and what they noticed is that there is duplication of everything. For example Metro IE 10 and Desktop IE10 are two completely different applications which do not share anything not even history, cookies and such. Something i already knew is going to happen. There is not such a thing as haters but people with brain who realize that this does not make sense. Desktop has to suffer another layer on top of it because someone thought our PC are giants phones. It clearly Metro has no place for PC because PC already have everything. This is first time in the past 30 years i have been dealing with IT in general that i wont do upgrade. I repeat it has nothing to do with hate. It was cool to see review in real time guy using mouse and keyboard. And what i saw is such terrible work flow and mind set transition between desktop and metro that it made me raise my eyebrows and say what a bull**** is this.

I am a Mac user and had a similar reaction when I saw the developer preview but fast forward to the consumer preview and I have found that the changes have really grown on me. I am sure when the enterprise preview comes along towards the end of this year we'll see a more final version of the UI so hold off your criticisms until then.

Regarding the lack of sharing - I suggest you read up on the reason why; it won't matter in the end any way because both will be getting synchronised with the cloud thus those details will be shared but just not directly. WinRT and Win32 handle things differently hence it is not always possible for perfect sharing between the same application but loaded in difference modes (win32 vs. metro).

drazgoosh said,
Just got back from school. Pretty much ran. Downloading right now
Funny, I used to do the same thing... now that I'm done with school I really don't care anymore. Hmm wonder what changed...

SPARTdAN said,
100,000 changes does not justify the awful visual decisions that have been made.

Except that is a matter of personal taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

But if squares and rectangles offend you so much, so be it

TCLN Ryster said,

Except that is a matter of personal taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

But if squares and rectangles offend you so much, so be it

I know a big company that's offended by rectangles, so I guess you might be on something there...


2 hours to go, but i will wait until this weekend when they gave me a T420 at work to install it and use as primary os like i did it with DP on my t410.
Big expectations!!!

To count them, I guess the coders got those funky clickers that they had to click everytime they fixed/implemented some function.

That's great, I can imagine the slavedrivers with their whips, waiting for someone to forget clicking........


Im just happy they have addressed the issues that made me dislike the developer preview.
Still getting used to it but so far its a positive experience.

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