101 things you can do in Mozilla

that you cant do in Internet Explorer. Guess im just stuborn - but i like the way that it doesnt take half a minute to load, and crashes all over the place :)...

"The following lists 101 things that one can do with the Mozilla browser component that one cannot do with IE. The list only includes things that don't require manually changing the registry or some other obscure thing. I used the Windows version of IE 6.0; the list will vary slightly for the Mac version. "

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News source: Slashdot

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ie has convienance- ie- its already there- and its also got the inter-op with loads of other things- e.g. word, msn etc etc.

admittedly, had the antri-trust case gone through sucessfully, this would have changed seriously. However, the measly concessions granted via sp1 (and sp3) towards other programs doing MS stuff is just not enough.

to be fair - it gives some poor/ down right wrong examples - e.g. Giant lizards are cool = big es are cool.... e.g 2 bugzilla- woopy woopy - e.g. 3 its got better security- yeah.....