1.1.2 iPhones now unlocked... 3 days too late

Teenager George Hotz, aka GeoHot, the original iPhone unlocker is back. In a post to his personal blog he states that he has successfully unlocked a 1.1.2 firmware and bootloader 4.6 iPhone. Better yet, he posts the not-for-dummies version of the instructions to downgrade the bootloader to version 3.9 in preparation for running AnySim. We haven't tried this ourselves so remember, as GeoHot himself states, this hardware method "could brick your iPhone." You haven't upgraded to 1.1.3 already have you? If so, you're stuck with AT&T.

News source: Engadget Mobile

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apple is greedy...just like other 99% of all corporations...they just want to protect their revenue sharing profit with carriers... they always put their benefits before their customers. they totally ignore (not forget, but ignore) customers who don't want to switch carrier, who just need to travel overseas and use a local SIM card. f**k them. even though mobile carriers are as well evil, im glad china's carriers turned apple down.

I don't see how this isn't to be expected. They are a company who's aim is to make money, if they don't then they are a non-profit organisation. To expect them to do anything other then to try to make money is delusional.

About the only way you could change this type of business practice is to have business laws changed.... which means a change in government thinking... good luck with that.

Why would this type of news be against Neowin's rules? It's certainly legal in Canada to unlock your iPhone, and it is likely legal in the United States as well.

Unlocking the phone wouldn't be illegal I'd say, but the means in which that is achieved could be possibly?

That said, I don't really have too much sympathy for phone locks, especially when you are paying for the hardware and it's not thrown in as part of the plan (even if in such circumstance you still are paying for it via the contract).

If I could just walk into the Carphone Warehouse and buy an iPhone and know I could unlock it, I would!

So does this work with 1.1.2OOB?

Chicane-UK said,
If I could just walk into the Carphone Warehouse and buy an iPhone and know I could unlock it, I would!

So does this work with 1.1.2OOB?

Well... IIRC, british law requires that a provider MUST provide you with an unlock code on request. However they ARE allowed to make you wait a "reasonable" time and are also allowed to charge a "reasonable" fee.

The "reasonable" part though, is usually up to the provider... For T-Mobile I think it's usually about 3 months and £20...

i *think* his point was that if you've already upgraded then you're stuck with At & t; lots of people will have done as its been out for three days.

What do you mean by "3 Days too late" ?
the mod wasnt capable without the sec part from 1.1.3. and with 1024bit encryption it does take time.

and isnt this type of news against neowin rules?