2008 GUI Champs: Most Original and Most Usable Dream Winners

The 2008 GUI Championships is a bi-annual, international skinning contest which brings together some of the most talented skinners and graphic designers in the world. This year the GUI Champs has three categories....WindowBlinds skins, Icon packs, and Dreams (animated wallpapers). Judging and user voting for the first two Dream categories has finished, and the winners of the Most Original and Most Usable Dreams have been announced.

Winners in these categories will receive prizes from sponsors such as AMD, Corel, Stardock, DeviantART, and TechSmith.

View: Most Usable Dream Winners
View: Most Original Dream Winners
Link: 2008 GUI Championships

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Atlonite said,
Maybe ms should do this for its dreamscene aswell

.Dream is just a proprietary (in bad sense) format designed ONLY to tie you to Stardock. The engine is Microsoft DreamScene.
Run .Deam file. Look inside ProgramDataStardockDeskScapesExtractedData folder.
Copy the plain old .mpg video files from there.
Use them with DreamScene

excalpius said,
Try the Dream Machine one. It's wicked cool...especially playing in the background of a 52" Sony XBR4 8D

If only it didn't look like sh!tty 10kb jpeg even on a my 20" screen.