3.2 Million Consoles Sold In November

Arcadia says hardware sales increased by at least 50% year on year, with software up about 20%. Retail dollars increased by about 25-30% to about $1.6 billion, compared to $1.3 billion in November 2005.
Xbox 360 unit sales topped a minimum of 500K units in the month, probably more, with 200K in Black Friday week. Retailers attributed the increase to strong sales of Gears of War and "chronic press coverage" of supply constraints on PS3. Microsoft is now on track to sell through about 4.25 million units in the US in calendar 2006 with an installed base of around 5 million units.

As is well known, available quantity of PS3 was probably less than 150K units at launch, with a further 50K creeping into the channel in November. The low tie ratio for PS3 is blamed on eBay resale speculation with some retailers reporting less than 0.5 software units per hardware unit. Arcadia says a 600K total sell through for the year is reasonable.
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depends on if they are counting Nintendo DS lites and DSs and Sony PSPs...also there are still purchases of PS2s, gamecubes and xboxs. We nerds don't think anyone is still buying those but there are a lot of people who are not going to spend the money on the next gen consoles.

Quote - Express said @ #1
Sony & Nintendo must have sold a ton of consoles if XBox 360 tops with just 20%

from the article:

Estimated November 2006 Stats
Wii 500,000
PS2 500,000
PS3 150,000 (possibly 200,000)
Xbox360 500,000 (possibly 700,000)

(still only 2.7M, not sure where the other 500k went)

Estimated Calendar Year 2006 Stats
Wii 1,300,000
PS3 600,000
PS2 4,700,000
XBox360 5,000,000

"The analyst bases its numbers on retail surveys, although these are less definitive than NPD’s numbers, due out later this week."

I still think sony should have stuck to their original release date of a world wide release in may 2007 of the PS3, this date was mentioned way b4 the release of the 360, I dont know why they tried to bring it forward in the first place, all this bloody console race has always been totally stupid and pointless, just release it when its damn ready...not when its almost done or we've got part of it ready grrrr

Why miss an opportunity to make everyone's life hell during the Christmas shopping season? Its one big mind F***. They would have a much harder time creating a believable false shortage in May which would reduce the amount of urgency felt by the mindless sheep....errr consumer to grab one ASAP.