32GB Lumia 1520 lands on AT&T

Nokia’s Lumia 1520 is a monster of a phone but until now it has had one peculiar limitation: its internal memory is only 16 GB. Luckily for our US readers, the 32GB variant has landed on AT&T.

The 1520 is a huge smartphone with tons of horsepower under the hood. Dubbed the first Windows Phone “phablet”, this 6-inch Nokia flagship is powered by the latest Snapdragon 800 processor, comes with 2GB of RAM and a 20MP camera. But one variant of the device only has 16GB of internal storage and with RAW image support and a ton of Xbox games, that can disappear rather quickly.

However, AT&T customers have reasons to rejoice as the carrier has started selling a 32GB version which should be enough for regular usage. And even if it isn’t, the Lumia 1520 has support for MicroSD cards to expand its storage.

So far, the 32GB model is only available in matte black on AT&T’s online store; hopefully other color options will become available soon. The device will set you back $249 on contract and $639 if bought outright.

Source: AT&T via: WPC | Image via Nokia

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I personally have the 16GB Lumia 1520 with a 64GB microsd card in it and I am no where near using up the storage on this thing. I am pretty sure I'll never use 80GB of storage but that's me.

Sure but you can't use the SD storage for system files or certain things like that so decent internal storage is also important. Of course it all depends on how you use your phone - I'm surprisingly happy with a lot less.

BBinder said,
according to nokia.com the specs say it supports microsd upto 64gb so AT&T must of asked for a customised handset

scrub that it states microsd on the at&t website

Really AT&T? This is what should have came out in the first place. I am quite sure the price will drop once the 16GB is sold out.

Me too. I originally had 4 lines with Sprint and a hotspot but now down to 2 lines and moved the others to T-Mobile using Lumia 925 ... love it. Just before switching, Sprint began to carry the Ativ S Neo which spec wise was okay but Samsung severely hamstrung the consumer appeal of this device with it's bluish bezel. Something I didn't mind but my wife did. Had Sprint carried more Windows Phone variety, I'm sure we would have stayed with them. And if the situation doesn't improve, I'll probably move the remaining 2 lines by fall of this year when contracts are up.