3DMark 2001 delayed.

We'll take a look at this when we continue working on the 3DMark2001 update, which is now on hold due to other projects.

Patric - 3DMark2

Although they didn't link to the post I believe this is also in reference to the bug in 3D Mark 2001 which currently affects Kyro/Kyro 2 Graphics Cards owners (In the High Detail Lobby Test everything gets rendered, with much transparency where there should be none, e.g. Player models can clearly be seen through pillars - this adversely affects the score as you can guess as well). As I mentioned a good while back Mad Onion have fixed this but won't release it seperately, & now that cumulative update has bbeen put on hold. & once more I'll point out that Mad Onion wouldn't be so apathetic were this to have affected Geforce Graphics cards. "reliable tool for professional hardware performance measurement & comparison" my ass.

News source: 3D Spotlight:alien:

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