3Dmark Vantage has DirectX 10.1 test

We've learned that the next generation 3Dmark will have two points that are going to suit ATI a lot. The new 3Dmark06 will have a DirectX 10.1 test, at least that is the current plan, and we all know that none of Nvidia's graphics cards have support for this API.

This will be quite a blow for Nvidia, as in this particular test Nvidia ought to score zero and we are sure that this will affect the final score. The benchmark should be out in February.

Link: Futuremark
News source: FudZilla

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Yeah surely they would just do a generic dx10 test not 10.1...

Its stupid.

Doesnt matter any way any one with any sense knows that 3DMarks dont count for everything and its just standard fps in games.


eh, everyone knows nvidia has the best high end cards, nvidia even knows so i am sure they are not worried. I bet their cards will still beat ATI's even if they score 0 on that part of the test.

DjmUK said,
Oh why start a fanboy war :(

Because the 8800GT is more powerful than any card that ATi has on the market, but ATi has the midrange.

I thought the 9000 series supported 10.1.

Even if, isnt 10.1 such an incrimental update over 10 that NVIDIA said the reason they were not rushing was exactly for that reason, because there was nothing in 10.1 that would affect users. If thats the case how will 10.1 demo anything 10 cant do? Smells like purple to me...XD

Sorry i just love these XD....