5 fun Windows Store games to play with an Xbox One controller

Microsoft has made it possible to use an Xbox One controller with Windows 8. While not every Windows 8 machine is capable of running Titanfall, most can run Modern apps and the majority of games without any issue. So, if you have an Xbox One controller, head on over to the Windows Store and check out these five games as they all work great with your controller.

If you haven't already downloaded the drivers for the Xbox One controller (you may already have them as they are part of Windows Update), you can download them manually here.

While most of the games are free, Spartan Assault does cost $4.99, but is quite a bit of fun if you are a fan of the Halo genre.

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1. Halo Spartan Assault - $4.99

If you are a fan of the Halo series, this is an easy sell as it allows you to take your Spartan addiction on the road with this easy-to-play game. There are 30 levels and Xbox Achievements too, and at $4.99, it's not a bad pickup for the price.

2. GT Racing 2

This list would not be complete without a racing game. GT Racing 2 is a racing sim and its graphics are not too bad for a free game. Sure, there are in-app purchases but if you have the desire to race around a track with your Xbox One controller, this is a great place to start.

3. Dungeon Hunter 4 - Free

RPGs have a loyal following and Dungeon Hunter 4 is capitalizing on this type of gameplay. While you can enjoy it without a controller, when you attach your Xbox One controller to your PC, the game becomes quite easy to play, even for a novice.

4. Pinball - Free 

Pinball is a classic game and works perfectly with the Xbox One controller; the paddles are controlled by the left and right trigger buttons and the whole thing is a great way to pass some time. With tons of different boards, the gameplay is entertaining and is a timeless classic.
5. Reaper - Free

Reaper calls itself an RPG but it also has elements of a side-scrolling game that makes it a bit different than the other titles in this list. It's a fun take on the typical slasher style RPGs and is free as well.

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These are not the only games that work with an Xbox One controller but they are five good examples to get you started. Frankly, we love the idea of using your Xbox One controller for games on our tablets, notebooks and PCs and hope to see the support for this controller continue to grow.

If you have any other favorites that work with a controller, let us know in the comments below.

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Hello, - just curious - are vibrations working? And the experience is the same as playing on XBOX One? (impulse triggers working...)

Silly to still be waiting on this for a PC standalone product, but sure hope the Xbox One controller (wireless) for windows is done right and will work with all the games my 360 does...anything less and it gets a pass.

Reaper is not really free. I don't know about the Windows Store version but on Android the demo is free and you must pay to unlock the full game. It's probably the same on Windows Store.

PsYcHoKiLLa said,
Wired, Wireless or both?

I don't think the wireless dongle (that was made for the 360) works for the One Controller.
I tried it a few times and it doesn't seem to be compatible.

Saw this on Amazon UK so I think I'll wait :)

I bought this for my PC since they released the drivers and I was a bit disappointing that it can only be tethered through USB and not wirelessly. Other than that, this controller feels great, the sticks feel great, the buttons feel great, the triggers feel great, the D-Pad is awesome and a far cry from the terrible D-Pad that was on the 360. Overall I think this is a worthy purchase and a more than worthy update to the 360 pad, but as I said before this won't work wirelessly yet so if you're PC gaming on a couch it's best to hold for the updated drivers.

Showan said,

I don't think the wireless dongle (that was made for the 360) works for the One Controller.
I tried it a few times and it doesn't seem to be compatible.

Different radio systems, so they're not interchangeable :(

TMYW said,
Do they work with Xbox 360 controllers? (assuming you have the wireless adapter)

All Windows Store games that work with an Xbox One controller should also work with an Xbox 360 controller.