662,000 txts sent in 1 month and man receives 12K page bill

MobileCrunch is reporting that an anonymous AT&T subscriber in the US sent 662,000 txt messages in August and received a 12,000 paged paper bill.

It could be an elaborate fake but judging by the video and the proof of packaging it appears to be legit. I sure hope AT&T planted a few trees after printing this huge bill.

One commenter over at MobileCrunch points out:

"662 texts in a month? 22000 texts per day, which means 990 texts per hour, and THAT means 15 texts per minute. And that's 24 hours a day. So the guy was sending a text every 4 seconds, 24 hours a day, for a month. BS. Unless he sent each of his texts to his entire address book. If there's 100 people in his address book, he'd only have to send one text every 6 minutes or so. Even then it's still sort of ridiculous."

Who do you believe? Checkout the video below.

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