7-Eleven to stock pre-owned games at over 3000 U.S. stores

7-Eleven will start selling pre-owned games under a new program named 'Great Games Below $20' in a new partnership with Game Trading Partners, Inc.

Games will be available on various platforms at a cost of $19.99 or less. The 3,000+ stores represent half of the U.S. stores operated and franchised by 7-Eleven. 

7-Eleven category manager for gaming and electronics Michael Jester said, "More than 60% of U.S. households now have at least one video game console, and consumers are searching for convenient ways to stretch their entertainment dollar in this challenging economy". 

President and CEO of Game Trading Technologies Todd Hays also commented on the news saying that all 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. could participate in the program and, "we hope to have most U.S. stores on board by September".

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thatguyandrew1992 said,
I hate 7-Eleven. They are all seem runned down. Sheetz and Wawa ftw!

Anytime I've ever been in a 7-Eleven, I feel dirty, I don't know why... I just feel like I need a shower afterwards.... Sheetz is one of the cleanest places i've ever seen, they love being cleen and glitzy, WaWa is up there too

neufuse said,
7-11... worst food i've ever eaten... glad we have Sheetz and WaWa in Pennsylvania...

You do know what 7-11 is right?

"convenience store"

They arent suppose to be a 5 star restaurant....

HeLGeN-X said,
They been doing this in Japan for like 15 years.

Isn't that the same country that CSI Langston said sells used panties out of vending machines?

Depending on what console they'll support (PS3, DS, or PC) I maybe either excited or let down.

At least this will be the first place I can buy anything video game related that's within walking distance from my home.

"more than 60% of U.S. households now have at least one video game console"
I always wonder why the computer is never included in 'video game console'. Ok, it can do much more than run games (internet, play video, download, ..) but so do some consoles (PS3 f.ex)

I think they're just looking on it from a sales point of view. Very few (if any) stores carry used PC games anymore. Activation schemes used in newer titles has pretty much killed off that market and even cd keys for online play can be a deterrent to buying a used copy of a game. Piracy is probably a factor too. There's plenty of it on consoles too but it's easier on PC.

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