88,400 PS3's Sold In Two Days During Japanese Launch

Thanks to Andy07 for the head's up on this story. Sony sold 88,400 PlayStation 3 consoles over the weekend in Japan according to Japanese magazine company Enterbrain, which publishes Famitsu. The number falls around halfway between the 100,000 launch-unit target Sony was aiming for and the 80,000 figure reported in the Nikkei Shimbun prior to launch. The best selling games were Namco Bandai's Ridge Racer 7 and Gundam: Target in Sight, both of which sold around 30,000 units. The near-instant total depletion of hardware stock has led to a huge number of Internet auctions for so-called "used" PS3 consoles spring up, some with asking prices more than twice that charged by retail. It's a trend that's even being felt in Europe. Some web-based importers have decided not to sell the console to clients in the European Union after Sony enjoyed success in its attempts to stifle Hong Kong-based Lik-Sang, which went out of business recently. But one London-based importer is known to be offering the console, along with its five launch titles, for GBP 1500. View: Original Story @ Gamesindustry.biz
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WOW! Just... WOW!

People, especially Nintendo fanboys, were all saying PS3 won't sell well and it's too expensive... -_-" Look at the sell now... I am just shocked... This proves how the play station platform is popular even with highest price.

Nah... I'm not a Sony fanboy. I just think Nintendo fans have to accept the fact that sony consoles are more popular.

lkets see how much more popular the ps3 is when the initial shipments sell out on the nintendo wii wich will have at least double the amount of wiis then ps3 has at launch and this will be an american launch first.

dont make brash comments without looking at what your comemnting on. 88,400 for launch selling out is not that much. considering thats all sony released.

Its nothing to do with being a fanboy for petes sake. Its being able to stand back from all the hype and look at the whole thing objectively and have an informed opinion on it. I've been a Sony 'supporter' for so long but stupid prices, features that don't interest me, and the ruining of the only game title that ever really mattered to me (Gran Turismo) has basically sealed it for me that i'll probably never own a PS3.

Of COURSE they were going to sell out of their entire initial batch. 88,000 consoles really isn't that many in the grand scheme of things.. and such was the hype, and such was the time of year (christmas) that it was obviously going to sell out. There are plenty of people out there who have lots of cash to splurge.. I would imagine the majority probably have HDTV's, etc which cost more than a console does, so the price of a PS3 is probably relative to that - and consequently very affordable to them.

The first two days mean nothing.. lets wait and see when supply matches demand and sales level out who ends up having the better success. I still think the Wii is gonna smash it to pieces.

Quote - Chicane-UK said @ #6.2
I've been a Sony 'supporter' for so long but stupid prices, features that don't interest me, and the ruining of the only game title that ever really mattered to me (Gran Turismo) has basically sealed it for me that i'll probably never own a PS3.

i completely agree with that. sony sold me on gran turismo 2 (best racing game ever made imo) and i still play it sometimes. when i saw 3 on ps2 my reaction was basically WTF?? never considered buying anything sony after that

I'm pretty sure it would have sold out in one day...I know the article said "over the 2 day weekend" but. Like I read that one store had a line of 300 people or something incredibly stupid like that. With one store having 300 people wanting One I cant see how they wouldnt sell out.

only a fool would pay that to import this console. I wonder if sony could just put a PS logo on anything in Japan & it'd sell well though

Yeah, selling it for around 2870 USD is ridiculous. O_o

However, if I can snag one on Friday in the US I might sell it for around that or more if I can. hehe.

Not necessarily a fool. Yes it's exorbent but alot of people have the money and this will be the one way to get the console, not only early but in time for both the xmas break and xmas itself. For many people that will be worth it rather than waiting until sometime in the new year to get it, especially if they are getting xmas vacation or something and thus will have the time to use it now rather than later.

Besides if they have the money to burn then perhaps they arent so foolish afterall. They had to get the money sometime. I would wait but im not everyone eh.

Everyone has their hobies and interest they like to spend money on and gaming for many is that. Also how foolish really is this in contrast to what people spend on PC gaming? A gaming PC costs twice as much as the PS3 even at auction in many cases and will likely have a 2 year lifespan as opposed to the PS3's 4 - 6 year lifespan. Really its not THAT bad an investiment if gaming is something you are passionate about. I realise the 360 and Wii are cheaper but thats COMPLETLY besides the point. Buying a console is about the games and if the games that these individuals want to play then getting a $300 Wii is a bigger waste of money than $1000 PS3. A Wii's cheaper but its pointless if the games you want are exclusive to one platform.

I know more and more titles arent exclusive now but many of the big draw cards are.