8GB Eee PC shipment delays

Responding to the temporary stoppage of 8GB Eee PC shipments in the Taiwan market, Asustek Computer executives have pointed to tight supply of single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash chips and batteries as the major cause, while stressing that shipments will resume soon.

Asustek company president Jerry Shen admitted SLC NAND flash is running tight, although he noted that the shortage of batteries is more of a concern for the company.

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These little things are surprisingly popular for something with a keyboard described as "cramped" in many reviews, and a display limited to 800x480.

(Slimy said @ #1.1)
It's because they are so ridiculously cheap ;)
The low ends are.
2G @ $299
4G @ $399
8G @ ??? Maybe $499?

That gets right into the low-end offerings from Dell and HP that give you a full keyboard, and a more useful 1280x800 display.

I guess for the very budget-conscious, the EeePC might be a solution. But I would find it hard to justify a high-end Eee over a low-end HP/Dell.

My mom just got the 4G Surf. It isn't all that difficult to use either. Even the "cramp" keyboard. BTW, You can plug an external monitor into it as well. I plugged my 22" monitor into it and it had listed 1680X1050 in the properties and worked just fine. We're waiting to get a wireless router, but until then she's "piggybacking" off of my cable modem through the USB port.

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