A Dramatic Leap Forward-GeForce 8800 GT

For the past year or so, gamers have been in a tough spot. There have been options for those who want decent DirectX 9 performance, but newer games are more demanding and some of the affordable cards in the sub-$300 price range aren't delivering great experiences anymore. Then there's DirectX 10. DX10 games are finally starting to show up in force, and the newest ones like Crysis and Hellgate: London show marked improvements over the DX9 mode.

The performance hit for DX10 is usually pretty strong, and the only cards that can run these games in DX10 mode at a decent clip cost $300-$500. Most gamers want a Radeon 2900XT or GeForce 8800 GTS, GTX, or Ultra, but they can't afford it. Those cards are very large and suck down a lot of power, as well. The sweet spot is $200-250, where cards aren't over 10" long and don't devour so many watts that you need a new case and power supply just to operate them. For a year, there has been no viable option in this price range for the latest and greatest DX10 graphics cards.

Until now.

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Will this card give a good graphic performance even on a 1600x1080 resolution? (on a 22" or 24" LCD WS) I'm currently using 7600GT with 19" LCD WS..planning to upgrade my LCD + my card...

How does one 'shell' something out? I picture mario throwing the object when this term is used. I live in Nigeria, send me money to buy a dictionary and save my people.

Bro, the computer I'm posting from now is rocking a GeForce 5200 256meg AGP card (OCed). I'd hardly call the 8800 GTS crappy.

maudit said,
Great they had to do this for us who shelled out $270 for a crappy 8800GTS 2 months ago Technology ... what can I say :cry:

Maybe you weren't paying attention when so many people said that a new DX10 card would be released soon.

ATI is releasing new cards in a couple of weeks too. At stock speeds, they should be about 20% slower than the 8800 GT, but with lower power consumption and price.

I already ordered one of these (EVGA "superclocked" to 650MHz), and it should be on my door step when I get home from work tomorrow! This is really the card I've been waiting for - good performance (near-8800GTX level) and under $300. Sure the 8800GTS refresh will be faster, and nVidia is supposed to come out with a new flagship card before long, but neither of those will be in the same price range as the 8800GT, and I can hardly see spending $500 on a video card...

I believe both ATI/AMD and nVidia have a "strange" policy about DX 10 compatible cards: top performers are too expensive and the midrange is not capable of running any of the current games decently. So, I will cut from this winter gift list any video cards and go for a trip to somewhere.

All major companies, including BFG, already got 8800GT cards out... Availability is the problem though...

Are you nuts?!!

Personally, not a gamer at all and think paying this much for a video card is a total waste, but, hey, to each his own!! Never had a good experience with Nvidia anyway compared to ATI.

Great card indeed. I'm actually going to buy in somewhere in the next two weeks (building myself a new computer).
I think this card compares nicely to the Intel Core 2 E6750 (cpu) when it comes to how it provides a great performance/price ratio... Good job nVidia!.

It's an ok card but to me it's six months late. A well priced mid range card should have arrived months ago and right now we should be receiving the 9800's or whatever it is they release for the 9 series. The problem to me is that the top end card is over a year old now, with the ultra just being an overclocked 8800GTX really. While this GT is great for those looking for bang for buck, it's still only on par or bellow a 768M GTX. That card itself is already showing signs of aging, especially on newer titles at higher resolutions so I'm unsure if people aren't going to be a bit disappointed when they load Crysis up on this.

Ideally they'd be releasing the next generation cards to coincide with UT3 and Crysis. As it is, I'm unsure if theres any worthwhile purchases out there for a single card (non SLI) for myself since I am looking to get a new PC and have a 24" display. The GTX being a year old doesnt seem like a wise choice, but then again the GT isn't going to give the performance. Guess I'll see what happens in a month or 2 when I come to buy my PC...hopefully NVidia has just held back news on the next gen so as to not deminish the 8800GT's spotlight.