A Mac-to-Vista Switcher in Pink

This weekend, my 13 year-old daughter and I set out to replace her first-generation MacBook. She instead picked a pink Sony VAIO running Windows Vista Home Premium. I bought her the MacBook on launch day, May 16, 2006, at one of Apple's two Bethesda, Md., retail stores. The computer came configured with a 2GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 512MB of RAM (which I upgraded to 1GB), 64MB dedicated integrated graphics memory, 60GB hard drive, DVD burner, 802.11b/g wireless and Bluetooth. She does lots of video editing, which was getting increasingly difficult because of the puny hard disk, system RAM and graphics memory.

My daughter also had some interest in Windows Vista, because of certain applications not available for Mac OS X. We went to Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego looking at a new MacBook or a pink VAIO VGN-CR290EAP. The VAIO would mean a switch from the Mac. The mall has Apple and Sony Style stores.

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I think you are missing the point. "Biased" is the right word there. Journalism shouldn't be biased, it should be objective, and relevant. I don't care whatever is in favor of whatever, but "news" or "journalism" like this M$ fan daddy's cute little pink laptop story made up as an OSX vs. Vista thing... you gotta be kidding me. I used to visit Neowin and read real news, stuff that matters, and not that BS fanboy gossip that countless other so called journalistic outlets and blogs post.

+1 My friend blocked Neowin today, just because of all these stupid posts.

Neobond said,
You guys that are complaining must be idiots. The site is bad if it is Apple biased and it's bad when it's in favour of Microsoft.

Get over yourselves and get a life ffs. I remember when I used to post whatever the hell I wanted here without whinging ******* crying over the smallest things.

This is beautiful too: The admin, who tells the mods, to remove formatting like this and warn whoever posts in formats like this to give a warning. Great example Gotta love it...

Nice job on getting a Sony... I hope he's prepared for the horrible customer support and overall poor quality of the machine.

Should have gone with HP.

"She ended up with the pink VAIO because she liked the laptop's appearance more than the MacBook; ..... Operating system was not much of a consideration at all."

So the choice had nothing to do with Leopard vs Vista but rather white vs pink.

Litespeed said,
"She ended up with the pink VAIO because she liked the laptop's appearance more than the MacBook; ..... Operating system was not much of a consideration at all."

So the choice had nothing to do with Leopard vs Vista but rather white vs pink.

You basically summed up the entire article. I was hoping for a remark about ease of use and other features, but the author didn't even say what video editing software his daughter found so much more appealing that existed on Vista and not on the Mac.

In summary, the concerns were that the Macbook's internal HD was too small, and that none of her friends had a pink computer. Aside from seemingly not knowing that external hard drives exist, he also raved about Windows Live Mail over .Mac, which IMO doesn't have much to do with anything.

Of course, the realization that his 13 year old daughter apparently has heavy video editing demands, and is using a laptop as a primary video editing system really trumps all of this. I use my laptop for occasional video editing, but if I needed a system that could handle that as a primary activity, it'd be a ridiculous choice to go for a laptop.

Very disappointing article, although it's generated the most comments I've ever seen.

I took a girl out to buy a new computer and she went right over to the Mac's and said that was what she wanted. The price was $1899.

In the end she went home with a $699 PC which included a 22" monitor.

unkle stu said,
ohh, so i should just not the articles that are going to suck. mind sending me your crystal ball?

I'll send it to you COD.

RAID 0 said,
I hope everyone that complained about this story takes a big dick up the ass. Really. Take it, you know you want it.

Well the comments are also part of this story so you are complaing. I guess you were speaking for yourself.

BTW, your girl may bitch alot but you pay everything for the ho; Im wondering whos the smart one...

Neowin has really degraded so much. I'm gonna start to look for some alternative medium to get my tech fix on ... The only thing good about neowin now adays is the weekly podcast and the handful of helpful members who still post and reply to non volatile threads.

i guess the point he's trying to make is not everyone are obsessed with oses, and that it is not a important consideration to most people when they buy a computer.

can't say that for those whinning idiots who posted above, though. get a freaking life.

It's not even a review.

It's just a "switcher" announcement.

And as for ripping into MS for whatever reason (now we're off-topic) . . . an easy target is an easy target.

This guy's story proves nothing about educated decisions in computer purchasing, especially if he is able to find deals on upgrades. As a owner of both Mac and PC, these are the flaws I noticed:

1)Upgrade the mac to 2GB of RAM and a bigger hard disk. I got a 250GB SATA for about $140 2 weeks ago...Beats $1300 on a laptop.

2)Don't like leopard? Well since you bought a "launch day" macbook, roll back to Tiger with the disc you got with it.

3)144MB shared video max a problem? How much memory do you have left from an OS that needs 1GB to run at all, after your REQUIRED security software sucks down its share? The new video memory (which is still shared btw) just hit the minimum.

4)If this was a Windows XP machine that was purchased it would have been a little more justified, but exactly what video editing software doesn't run on the mac?

5)I have run into driver support problems with Leopard, but exactly what problems did he experience? None that were important enough to list it would seem.

Congratulations, you just dropped $1000 more than a Pink Speck case, 2GB of Ram and a 250GB HDD could have got you.

What I got from the article? His daughter bought the pink laptop. From personal experience I can agree with this as 100% of the time when a teenage girl comes around looking at the cameras that I sell she always wants the piece of crap pink Polaroid camera over a good Nikon or Canon. I tell them that the Canon's and Nikon's will take much better pictures but noooo, "I want really like the pink one." They don't give a crap how the thing performs as long as it looks cool.

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