A new mystery Nokia Lumia spotted in Dutch TV commercial

What seems to be a new Nokia Lumia has appeared in an ad for the Lumia 920 on Dutch carrier KPN mobiel. The round edged, yellow device, appears at the 5 second mark and it slightly resembles a Lumia 822, however, it looks much slimmer and at points looks digitally edited. 

Being that the commercial is supposed to for the Lumia 920 and every other shot features the 920, it isn't clear if this was a mistake or a ploy to get people talking.

Also earlier this month two new Nokia devices were spotted in Indonesia, the Lumia 720 and 520 with not much to go on other than the names. They are likely to be shown off at Mobile World Congress and one of them could very well be the device featured in the video.

Source: My Nokia Blog

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Darrah Ford said,
Nokia needs to just stop farting around on a dead-end platform and go Android.

Their funeral otherwise

Did you reply to my comment to so that you could have a spot at the top?

Ronnet said,

Because Android OEMs are doing so well? Samsung owns that market, people are talking about Galaxy phones not Android phones. Nokia is smart, they're claiming Windows Phone as their own. Instead of WP they'll be talking about Lumia. They already own over 75% of the WP market.

WP is estimated to reach 10% of the worldwide Phone market in the next 2 years. This will put Nokia ahead of Sony, LG and many others. They only have to focus on the hardware and pushing their own brand while Microsoft is doing the software for them.

And Microsoft will never quite, they know they're dead to consumers if they cant succeed with WP and W8. And if consumers dont like a platform they wont like to work with it in the office either. Managers are already pushing IT to support their iPads. So WP certainly isnt a dead-end platform, MS will continue to give it all they got.

But have you even tried it yourself? Its an excellent alternative to Android. Smooth and fun to controle.

The fact that the other Android OEM's are doing as well as Samsung, doesn't mean they are out of the game. Samsung is simply doing the best. Compare Android to Windows. HP, Lenovp and Dell are the top 3 and HP has been on top for quite some time. Asus may not enjoy as big a cut as HP does, but they are still in the game. In every market like this there has to be a top dog.

Motorola and Sony with Android may not be raking in as much as Samsung is, but that isn't a failure. They are both still selling millions of phones, just maybe not 10's of millions. I hardly see that as failed.

Have you ever sold 1M of anything for $600? Highly unlikely, so in what state of mind do you have to say a company is failed because they aren't on top?

Samsung is doing more and making more money for several reasons. For one, they have the largest distribution chain of all the other OEM.s combined. They make mutilple models of phones at varied price points to be sold in lots of markets, the other guys seem to mostly depend on home turf and the US and Europe. Nokia use to own Asian and Europe markets, but not anymore. My wife is from the Philippines and Nokia was the top sold brand of device. This has changed. Her son which is still there had a Nokia, but now has a Samsung. iPhone is also hot ut the vast majority cant afford one. Samsung makes a phone that does more than an iPhone and cost less. Just like they do here in the States.

Nokia should have gone Android because all their fans would have kept buying them as Android would have been a better replacement for Symbian vs Windows Phone. First off Android has a similar UI that Nokia users would have been use to already vs the learning curb of Windows Phone.

From what I have seen in Asian markets, integration isn't a sell point, capability is and price.

When Motorola frist use Android, they started off on the wrong foot. They took a feature phone and grafted Android onto it making it suck. It didn't get any updates either. It took them until the Razr to get it right. By that time Samsung had taken off. HTC started off good to with the HTC Desire line which spun off the Incredibles and the One Series. But somehow they lost their way. I think Sense UI being to heavy ruined their image. Sony really never had a chance. Some of the others? I don't think they were looking to be more than a niche option.

Android isn't about being pretty, its about function.

Windows phone and learning curve?? wtf, wp has a lesser learning curve than figuring out how to drop the toilet seat on your new toilet.

settings is a live tile out the box so dont need dig around for it contacts email IE, market place xbox live all as live tiles. swipe left pull up the apps list. If you have a learning curve you must have an IQ of about 90

why, would they do this? switching to Android is only going to hurt Nokia and Microsoft in the long run. I understand a lot of Android users want the designs of Nokia, but nope, there are plenty of other Android OEMS that could be pushing good design as well, ones that are centered around the OS as well

I do not know if WP would be the end of for Nokia. I am a power user who used to had Windows Mobile and then I switched over to Android cause the WP7 did had some features.
Recently I replaced my second mobile phone (HTC Desire C) with a WP8 (HTC 8X) and I can tell you that WP8 is doing really well.... there are a couple features away before I can change my main phone (HTC Sensation XE) for a WP8.

Thus I think Nokia is playing in safe area maybe a bit slow in adoption, but I think eventually in the coming years WPx will be a key player in the game.

When they show the screen with the live skype call, it's all of a sudden a 920 and then they also show the back of the 920 right after that.

I agree with the digital editing. I haven't got Photoshop on my work machine, but if you have a look at the back and trace the metal camera piece its not parallel with the actual phone. If the phone was sat up straight, the metal would be slightly rotated to the right.

EDIT: Also, look at the bottom of the phone in her hands, its got the same flat bottom as the 920. Just makes me wonder why they would digitally edit it. More publicity?

Kevin VanGelder said,
Also, look at her finger...

Not sure how I missed that, good point. Pretty much confirmed then.

MWC can't come soon enough, that could be a redone 920 or just a new 820 re-spin. We also haven't seen what the 720 will look like yet.

Lerosbeef said,
Digitally edited, move along

That doesn't mean it isn't something new, why would they digitally edit something that is supposed to be (and is) the 920 in every other shot?

that is really weird... I think they just don't know what they're doing... similar to when people used to call windows phone windows mobile (even a year after WP's release).

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