Aaron Sorkin to write screenplay tor Steve Jobs biopic

Famed movie and TV writer Aaron Sorkin is getting involved in the tech industry again for his latest project. The Hollywood Reporter states that Sorkin, who won an Academy Award for his script for The Social Network, about the formation of Facebook, will write the screenplay for Steve Jobs, based on the best selling and official biography of the late founder of Apple.

Sony bought the movie rights to the biography, written by Walter Isaacson, back in October, and then went after Sorkin soon afterward to have him write the screenplay adaptation. There's still no word on a director for the movie nor a planned release date.

Sorkin is one of the most critically acclaimed movie and TV writers of the past couple of decades. His other movie credits include A Few Good Men (based on his own stage play), The American President and most recently Moneyball, for which he was nominated for another Academy Award. He has also created famed TV shows such as Sports Night and The West Wing. Sorkin's newest TV show, The Newsroom, debuts on HBO this June.

There's another biopic based on Jobs' life that's already started shooting. The movie, with the working title Jobs: Get Inspired, will star Ashton Kutcher as the Apple founder. That movie is a low budget indie flick while the Steve Jobs adaptation is expected to be a high profile, and high budget, studio move for Sony.

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Anything with Ashton (Douchebag) Kutcher is certain failure and not to be taken seriously. And if David Fincher was directing, Ashton (Douchebag) Kutcher would not be in it.

Every screenwriter in Hollywood has passed on writing this softball puff piece about a successful salesman who all but abandoned his wife and kids to sell toys...including Aaron Sorkin.

I couldn't figure out what changed his mind, since he has plenty of money and they surely offered him 7 figures to write this pap, and then I saw an article on CNN.

Sorkin will be DIRECTING and writing this garbage. So he held out for the directing chair, which makes total sense (since no one wanted to direct this either). That all makes sense now.

Expect this movie to be truly awful unless Sorkin is given a free reign to tell people the TRUTH about Steve Jobs.

I hear that someone will be playing Adam Yauch for a fictional "cameo" meet-up with Steve Jobs and the whole soundtrack is going to be old Whitney Houston songs.

This is a good thing.. something in the style of The Social Network, about Jobs, could be pretty interesting! Shame it's not David Fincher directing!