Acer debuts their 'Liquid Leap' smartband and 'Liquid Jade' smartphone

It appears that Acer have joined the party when regarding wearable technology, debuting their stylish "Liquid Leap" earlier today. Included in the press release is also the "Liquid Jade" a smartphone from the company that is set to hit our stores sometime in the third quarter. 

Acer, renowned for their computer lineup, have seemingly turned their attention to the design of both devices. The company claims the smartband has "an understated elegance with its modern linear design" and the smartphone is an "expression of style and personality". The specifications for both are respectable as well, which could perhaps further their popularity within the competitive market.

The "Liquid Leap" comes packed with a 1" touchscreen attached to a durable rubber wristband. The Leap can alert users to SMS and call notifications, claiming the device is for "those who believe staying connected is absolutely essential". A music player is also included, but for it to function there has to be a paired smartphone. As to whether that smartphone must be one of Acer's, is unknown. The Leap can also track your fitness, including steps, calories burned, running distance and sleep cycle. 

Take a glance at the Liquid Jade and it looks uncannily similar to the flagship LG G3 released earlier this week. The specifications are good and the device comes with a 13 MP camera, a 5" display, and the latest Android 4.4. The pricing and availability are currently unknown, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Whether Acer have gained enough momentum to rival Apple and their iWatch or Samsung and their Galaxy Gear, only time will tell. Releasing a product within the wearable technology market, at such an early stage, could indeed be a smart move. 

Source: Acer | Image via PhoneArena, The Digital Reader

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I don't associated Acer with any good quality, I had Acer laptop for couple of days and the sound on this laptop felt like it is coming from headphone. Really how hard it is to put some power to your pathetic laptop speaker Acer. in contrast, ASUS got really stable and sturdy quality.

Though I dont trust Acer... I did not trust LG to make a decent phone until Nexus 4. And then I really liked nexus 5 and G2.

So, potentially Acer can make decent phones.

However LG made nice things I liked and phones where the only weak spot.
How many things Acer do good?

Mark said,
I've always associated Acer with low quality but I actually quite like the design of those watches.

will you buy it? NO!

Mark said,
I've always associated Acer with low quality but I actually quite like the design of those watches.

that phone, on the other hand, looks like crap