Acer expands through Best Buy

Taiwanese PC vendor Acer Inc. has started selling laptop PCs at popular retailer Best Buy Co. Inc., expanding its presence in the U.S. market. Best Buy is featuring Acer laptop PCs with a brand spotlight notice on its Web site. All five of the Acer laptop PCs on offer at Best Buy are priced under US$900. The most expensive of the five is the Acer Aspire AS5610-4537, which runs on an Intel Corp. Core Duo processor. It costs $849.99.

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I work at a Future Shop in Canada. Acer laptops and desktops both appeared around the same time in August for the back-to-school blitz.

They're cheap computers, plain and simple. You get what you pay for. During the manufacturer's warranty you have to deal with Acer yourself though, that's how they work. For Acer support, go to

"They're cheap computers, plain and simple. You get what you pay for"

Acer aspire 5610
15.4' screen
Core Duo T2250 1.76ghz
1 gig of ram
160 gig hdd
Intel 950 graphics

677.33$ (799$ CDN)

From STAPLES canada

I got MORE than what I payed for

Still no problems, after months of downloading/gaming/word processing/etc

Acer offers the best laptops for the budget price range

If you're not a serious gamer and would like something that will last for years, get an acer

i love acer products. but as a company they are liars
i worked at a small computer store and the reason we sold them was because they told us they (acer) would not sell product to the big box stores.

2 years later BAM! their in Furureshop and Staples for much less.

My employer purchases Acer desktops adn laptops. They are ****. 2 years ago when I worked in geek squad I thought all acer products were **** and I still believe that today.

Yeah, hope they are talking about Acer laptops. Best Buy and Acer go hand in hand way before time began. As in 1992 Dad bought an Acros (which Acer bought out shortly thereafter) Which meant at the time Acer was at Best Buy. Before I became interested in the specifics of computer brands, I simply referred to Acer as Best Buy's brand. ie Crap. Of course nowadays Acer Laptops are better than most Dell laptops, although this D820 they sent me is kinda hard to beat. (some sort of warranty replacement)

Here in the EU I see loads of laptops/notebooks but fewer desktops in stores. But that's just because everyone is notebook crazy right now.

Anyways, they're selling good, at this rate, globally, Acer will pass up Apple in the market. That is if they haven't already.

seems acer are selling all over- since xmas they have also started selling the Acer aspire/travelmate series in the DSG group in the UK- pcworld now stock acers.