Acer reveals Aspire R7 laptop/all-in one Windows 8 PC

In April, Acer used its current promotional tie-in to the upcoming movie, Star Trek into Darkness, to tease us about an upcoming PC that seemed to be a laptop/desktop hybrid. Today, Acer finally revealed the product to the public as the Aspire R7.

An Acer press release states the 15.6 inch Windows 8 PC has a special hinge, called Ezel, that lets users move the touchscreen display up and back from the keyboard, allowing the laptop to look more like an all-in-one PC rather than a standard notebook. The hinge can also move the display around so it can show the screen to another person while the user types on the keyboard. The Aspire R7's display can also flip to go on top of the keyboard to have it act like a large tablet.

In terms of hardware, Acer says the Aspire R7 will have an Intel Core i5 processor, 6 GB of RAM, a 500 GB hard drive with a 24 GB SSD, and a backlit keyboard. The sound system consists of a Dolby Home Theater v4 and four 8-watt speakers.

The Acer Aspire R7 will officially go on sale on May 17th, but it will be exclusive (at least for now) to Best Buy stores. Pricing will start at $999 and pre-orders will be taken at from now until May 16th. People who pre-order the PC during that time period will get a free downloadable copy of the PC port of the latest Star Trek game.

Source: Acer email press release | Image via Neowin

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I have the HDX 20, behemoth 14lb laptop, the "hinge" works very well, this is much more flexible and useful. I like this laptop, for business presentations, it would be almost perfect, really like the flip idea, but the laptop mode is just too big, if it could go flat I might bite. Price is a little high for what it is, but that will likely change pretty quickly.

Pretty innovative in my opinion, although I would never purchase this myself. It's good to see this because consumers do not want the same old laptop as we know it. I work at Best Buy and when you glance at a pc that we offer, although specs are sometimes good, they all look the same and simply do not compete in the market of today! I mean 90% are still non-touchscreen typical laptops w bumped spec, which don't apply to 90% of average consumers.

Nice to see true 1st generation concepts coming to market.

Was personally disappointed with my Samsung Ativ Pro as it was unbalanced, keyboard kept disconnecting, half the specs for same price as what I ended up with (XPS 12 which is worth the money).

Very nice design. At first I was thinking track-pad users won't like it but then remembered that its a touch screen. The hinge concept used in this model finally gives laptops the ability to adjust height, which is a win for me. I'd like a 13" (or 14") version with a 1920x1080 screen. If that comes to market, I'd be very interested!

wow,, love it. finally, someone thought of an out of the box laptop design. now please make 13.3" version.. pls

Well, didn't expect to see something like from Acer of all people. Do like the concept though, does show how much the trackpad gets the least love in Windows 8 mind

Not good for a regular trackpad user. But it is different and interesting.
Looks perfect for touch. I'm not a transformer fan though.