Acer shows off two upcoming Windows 8 tablets

In addition to the two Windows 8-based touch screen Ultrabooks it announced today at Computex, Acer also revealed plans for two Windows 8 tablets. Engadget posted up some hands-on impressions of these two models, the Iconia W700 and the Iconia W510.

The Iconia W700 is going to be a pretty large 11.6 inch tablet with a 1920x1080 resolution screen, which can support up to 10 fingers for touch interaction. It also comes with three USB 3.0 ports, Dolby Home Theater audio hardware and a battery life of up to eight hours. It will have a five megapixel rear camera and a front facing camera.  It comes with a cradle that can set the tablet up to a 70 degrees angle for landscape mode or down to 20 degrees for touch screen features.

The smaller Iconia W510 has a 10.1 inch screen. There will be a removable keyboard dock available for it that also adds a second battery to boost battery life, which is then up to 18 hours. With the keyboard dock, the tablet can swivel up to 295 degrees. There's no word on any other hardware specifics such as the processor, amount of memory, storage for either tablet. There's also no word on pricing or availability.

Source: Engadget | Image via Engadget

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W700 is nice. Design is very much like Nokia with its elevated display. But i'll wait for Windows 9.

I don't see why Acer can't charge less on the W510, there W500 Windows 7 tablet is quite spec worthy and is in the sub-500$ range.

AMD 1.0ghz Dual C50, 2GB DDR3, 2x USB, HDMI, Dual Mic, Dual Cam, Accel/Gyro, LED 10.1in, 32GB SSD, with Keyboard Dock (mouse and left/right buttons) all Included. And that comes with Windows 7. Heck, I've played Portal 2 on my W500 on min settings quite nicely.

Here you have most definatly better specs, but that just comes with age on newer devices. Why replace what I already have that will run Windows 8 perfectly fine, with a 600-800$ range piece of equipment. I wouldn't think twice on getting one of these launch day to replace my W500 if it was 500$.

I know the specs arn't out yet for the W510 or W700, but I hope they don't skimp and charge a premuim becuase its a "Windows PC" gimic.

These companies are stupid if they think they can compete with iPad's or Android tablets in the same bracket regardless of its capabilities. The end-user are idiots they don't know the difference; its all price. If the price is right on Windows 8 tablets. It will make a killing in the market.

I for one cannot WAIT to see what is coming in the pipe.

I like it! One of the things I don't like about Android tablet is the 10.1" size. Windows 8 will usher in tablets larger than that and I want a tablet that's more than 10".

I also like the design, not too rounded corners and not too thin that the tablet can't have many input ports.

That only thing I don't like is that there's no flash with the camera, though that's just a minor con.

Wow. This fall is going to be so fun. I think the tech press are going to be stunned by the success of all the devices to come. Stop over thinking Metro, it is so not that hard to use.

First gen x86 is always going to be pricey. Only ARM is going to come close to ipad pricing and even then you will pay more. Next gen they will come down more.

Actually a non ips based model that cut corners on a few of the flashier things here could get the costs down a bit more but these are still going to be exxy.

Good on Acer for showing us what they got and going for the ips panel and solid battery life, win8 is looking good for tablets so far if this is a sign of things to come.

Panda X said,


Really? For a PC that is 10 to 20 times faster than an iPad and can run Photoshop and games like Wow or Crysis?

If Apple offered an iPad that was 10 times faster for $999, you think it wouldn't sell? Let alone a real PC that runs everyday software?

There are high end Android tablets were and are still being released in the $700-900 range, and sell just fine. They also are 10 to 20 times slower than one of these devices.

Depicus said,
They are quoting $999 on Engadget which is ......

Does not really make sense considering the W500 was less than $599 with a similar setup.

Although the CPU on this tablet was not officially announced, the representative from Acer said in a YouTube video that it is powered by an Intel CPU. It likely is the ULV Ivy Bridge.

Depicus said,
They are quoting $999 on Engadget which is ......

Went back to The Verge site. If you look closely at the W510 review page, there's a slide from Acer showing the price ranges.

The W510 is rated between $599 and $799. The slide is also showig a W700 between $799 and $999.

Can't get clearer than that, this is from Acer directly.

TheCyberKnight said,

It likely is the ULV Ivy Bridge.

Correction: it is an Intel ULV but I don't know wich one. According to pictures, there is no vents on the W510 (finally!) and I'm not sure the current Ivy Bridge has a low enough TDP to be enclosed in a fanless design.

thenetavenger said,

Really? For a PC that is 10 to 20 times faster than an iPad and can run Photoshop and games like Wow or Crysis?

I kinda wonder how many people will be buying a tablet for Photoshopping.

Will be intrested to see the specs of one of these, Going to be alot of tablet options around for Win8 soon thats for sure