Acer teases May 3rd reveal for Windows 8 laptop-desktop hybrid?

Last week, Acer launched a new TV commercial campaign that linked its Windows 8 laptops and tablets to the upcoming sci-fi summer blockbuster film Star Trek Into Darkness. At the time, the promotion seemed to be pretty tame, with Acer products shown alongside clips of the film with the rebooted versions of Captain Kirck, Mr. Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew.

Today, Acer uploaded another new Star Trek Into Darkness TV commercial on its YouTube channel, but this one is a bit different. In between scenes from the movie, the ad shows glimpses of a previously unseen Acer notebook. The model seems to be some sort of hybrid product that has the screen sliding in a position so that it can be turned into what looks like an all-in-one PC.

Acer says that this 'revolutionary notebook' will be fully revealed on Friday, May 3rd. At the moment, we will assume this is a Windows 8-based reveal as all of the other products in the Star Trek campaign run with Microsoft's latest OS. Hopefully the mysterious Acer device will have some additional Star Trek Into Darkness content, since its being revealed two weeks before the movie is launched in the U.S. on May 17th.

Source: Acer on YouTube

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it would be great if they returned the Iconia concept to life with next-gen Intel CPUs. that's the only thing original lacked for me, with 2-nd gen Core i5 being not too powerful, power-hungry and excluded thin ultrabook-like design. if it was with 3-rd gen chip, I would buy it already. the concept could be improved though with rotating screen (to be able to fold it and use just one screen as a regular tablet, and a transparent cover with bumps to fit virtual keyboard and give a physical feel to it (you would have to press on the bump for screen to register the touch).

Likely another plastic POS, knowing Acer who will then turn round and tell us their chromebooks are outselling their Windows 8 devices. Yeah, right. /s

Funny that this is coming from Acer as they have been critical of Windows 8 and at the end it says Beautiful, Fast, Fluid - Windows 8. Heck I think MS should be using this tag more often with their Ads.

Grumphus said,
Acer was critical of Surface not Windows 8.

Pretty sure they were critical of both. Ah well. They're making solid machines now, and that's all that matters, really.