Acer: Windows 8 tablets good for consumers and business

We’re still many, many months away from seeing the first Windows 8 systems going on sale, but manufacturers are already talking up the products that they’ll be launching with Microsoft’s next-generation operating system. Acer is no stranger to Windows, of course – it’s even launched a Windows 7 tablet, the W500 – and it believes that Windows 8 will be an offering that appeals to both consumers and business users.

Acer’s research, along with its current product mix and sales data, indicate that the appeal of Windows 7 tablets doesn’t extend much beyond business and corporate users (tell us something we don't know, right?); Acer’s Android tablets, however, have been better received by consumers.

A company spokesperson told TechRadar that, while Acer built its Windows 7 tablet without a clear understanding of who it would appeal to, “Windows 8 is already a completely different story. We think that Windows 8 tablets could well be a proposition for both consumers and professionals.”

That said, Microsoft admitted today that Windows 8 for ARM devices – which will include many tablets – does not include the remote management features that larger business and organisations demand, meaning that not all Windows 8 machines will be equally suited for both consumer and professional environments.

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Acer if your listening, I LOVE my W500. Please make a non-arm successor. You have me as a day 1 buyer. Tablet + Dock, no need to buy extra parts. Clear win for me. I've convinced at least 5 people at my office to get one, and other various family members. Such a great device. I can only hope that they keep/improve all the features that the w500 had and don't skimp out on it. SD Card/HDMI/Dual Mic&Cam/Bluetooth/Rotation/USB/Ethernet/Light Sensor/Mouse&Keyboard included. Just recently started to stream Live 1080i(p) tv via a networked tuner over wifi in wmc7. This device is a beast for its form factor.

The weight of the device is no deal breaker to me. Its all about power and this HAS it. The only con I saw with the W500 was the top heavy in dock mode. But this isn't anything that a JCase didn't fix.

Can't wait to see what Acer comes up with.

And to the curious, I say non-arm for traditional software (x86,x64).

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How is Windows 8 on the W500? The only problem we have had with the W500s we bought was that bluetooth would randomly turn off. And turning it back on was very difficult if you didn't have the dock with you. We ended up swapping our printers from using bluetooth to usb cables.

I know several companies Ipad is just not working for them in corporate environment. Its going to be interesting to see if Windows dominates in business.