Activision Reveals Call Of Duty 3 Details

Activision has today confirmed the first details of Call of Duty 3, which is in development by Treyarch for Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Wii, Xbox and PlayStation2. The game, which is set for release in the Autumn, follows the story of four sets of Allied soldiers (American, British, Canadian, and Polish) as they launch their breakout from Normandy in 1944.

Call of Duty 3 will be the second time that Treyarch has developed a CoD title, the first being 2005's Big Red One on Xbox and PlayStation2, and will mark the franchise's debut on PS3 and Wii. Perhaps more controversially for Call of Duty fans, it will mark the first time that a 'main' installment of the series won't be making an appearance on the PC. The game will also see team-based and vehicular multiplayer gametypes of up to twenty-four gamers, along with different soldier classes and specific abilities.

News source: TVG

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I think it's disgusting that Activision is not doing this for PC. Regardless whether or not it comes out for PC a year later is irrelevant. Call of Duty is a PC title. It was born on the PC, it flourished on the PC. To shun PC gamers like this, is just disgusting. It's bad enough they literally told CoD2 PC gamers to drop dead when it comes to patches for CoD2, now this. Good game Activision.

Oh and yeah, I know Infinity Ward isn't making this. And they are supposedly making a Call of Duty game now for PC. But until it's announced, Activision can die for all I care.

I was looking forward to this and saw the news from TwitchGuru that it will not be for PC. Nice of them to not only give new maps to Xbox for COD2, but completely abandon the platform that made it successful. Thanks for nothing Activision.