Adding PowerToys-like programs to Windows Vista

Working with various versions of the Windows operating system over the years, I've always enjoyed discovering and using programs or utilities designed to provide the user with handy additional features.

My all-time favourites, the PowerToys collection, are a set of additional components from Microsoft -- first for Windows 95 and then for Windows XP. Most of the PowerToys tools perform a single function, which I think makes them very efficient and easy to use.

While there isn't PowerToys for Windows Vista, Windows Vista's set of Sidebar tools called Gadgets come really close to PowerToys. (Read my column, My six favorite Sidebar Gadgets.) And while I'm always on the lookout for new Gadgets, I recently expanded my parameters a bit to see what else was out there for Windows Vista. In this article I'll take a look at two programs that I have found to be nice PowerToys-like additions to Windows Vista.

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It would be nice if they actually release Powertoys for Vista. The desktop manager for XP is very useful for the shared computer in the lab.

The image resizer in the right click menu was probably one of the most useful powertoys I used in XP. I really really really wish it was in Vista. Resizing pictures is a PITA sometimes when you have more than a few.

then please do tell, what the HELL did you bother posting a reply to this for if you don't use either, sad.

i love the powertoys and hope ms continues with "official" stuff for vista.

Agreed, if you don't use either PowerToys or Vista, why respond at all?

I don't use all the XP ones, but the alt-tab powertoy is a must have. As useful as the "Aero" 3D task switcher, just without the 3D.

The "open command window here" powertoy also comes in handy occasionally.