Adobe brings 64-bit Flash to Linux

Adobe first experimented porting its products to Linux back in November of 2004. Since acquiring Macromedia in mid 2005, Adobe has also been committed to porting Macromedia's assets, such as Flash, to Linux. The most recent milestone in this process was the synchronization of releases between Windows and Linux with Flash Player 10.

Though equality had been established between the operating systems, this release did not calm users. Still, a common complaint amongst users of all operating systems was: Where is our 64-bit version? Users of 64-bit Linux distributions were required to use the NS Plugin Wrapper or install a 32-bit browser in order to see Flash. Other operating systems had to use a 32-bit browser as well but these come pre-installed.

Today, Adobe answered this problem with an alpha version of their 64-bit Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux operating systems released on their Adobe Labs website.

Release notes and a FAQ for the new driver were also made available. I mention the FAQ as it answers one question that comes immediately to mind: Why aren't the Windows and Mac 64-bit alpha versions available on Adobe Labs?

Release of this alpha version of 64-bit Flash Player on Linux is the first step in delivering upon Adobe's commitment to make Flash Player native 64-bit across platforms. We chose Linux as our initial platform in response to numerous requests in our public Flash Player bug and issue management system and the fact that Linux distributions do not ship with a 32-bit browser or a comprehensive 32-bit emulation layer by default. Until this pre-release, use of 32-bit Flash Player on Linux has required the use of a plugin wrapper, which prevents full compatibility with 64-bit browsers. With this prelease, Flash Player 10 is now a full native participant on 64-bit Linux distributions. We are committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player to Windows and Mac in future pre-releases.

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creamhackered said,
yeah I second that but that's Apple stopping it!

It's an issue with Apple, not Adobe. I have a Nokia N800 internet tablet, and it has shipped with an official Adobe flash player for years. Even it's predecessor, the N770, has had flash since 2005! They both run on the ARM architecture, as does the iPhone. So the only thing preventing it from happening is probably a license agreement.

creamhackered said,
bugger 64bit, what about iphones

Your a couple of years to early their. Apple will wait 5 years and then bring it out on a new chargable firmware that offers revolutionary technology to show cartoons on the go! their call it iCartoonInteractive widgets and charge for them on itunes

I think it will probably happen when the majority of Windows users are using the 64bit version. Flash runs fine as long as you are using a 32bit copy of IE or any other browser. At this point, it would really be pointless given that there are almost no 64bit Windows applications. Windows Vista x64 is little more than a more secure version of Windows that can access more than 4gigs of memory cleanly. This might change with the Windows 7 release...

you mean how you have to use a hacked version with that plugin (forget whats its called) that just downloads the swf file and displays in the the tiniest box ever?

I'm talking about using NDIS pluginwrapper which works fine for sites like youtube but it can be buggy and slow.

The only other alternative for linux is to go out of your way to get the 32 bit libs and install the 32 bit firefox and flash and such.

(idk wtf you are talking about with tiny windows?)

They are too slow! First of all, thats an alpha, not a release... And how long more would windows users have to wait?! Around this time, they should have already made releases for the most popular OS'es.

Why aren't the Windows and Mac 64-bit alpha versions available on Adobe Labs?

Easy! Because we Linux users are already used to being guinea pigs! :P

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