Adobe Photoshop Express storms to second of most popular free Windows 8 apps

The list of the top 10 most downloaded free Windows 8 apps on the Windows Store doesn't seem to change all that much. When we last looked at the list in April, Xbox Smart Glass was number one on the list and it remains on top of the current lineup of free Windows 8 apps.

However, there's a new challenger. The Adobe Adobe Photoshop Express app, which launched just a couple of weeks ago, is now in the number two slot right behind Xbox Smart Glass. It would appear that the Photoshop branding for this rather simple photo editing app means a lot, and we wonder if this will cause Adobe to speed up development of a full Photoshop app for Windows 8.

The current top 10 list of most popular free Windows 8 apps includes some old favorites (Skype, Google Search, Netflix) along with some new entries, including the third party Facebook app, Facebook Now in the number three spot.

The full top 10 list of most popular free Windows 8 apps is as follows:

1. Xbox SmartGlass
2. Adobe Photoshop Express
3. Facebook Now
4. Skype
5. Google Search
6. Pac Pac Man
7. Netflix
8. Microsoft Solitare Collection
9. YouTube Player/Downloader - MegaTube
10. Amazon

Source: Windows Store | Image via Adobe

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The reason why Xbox Smartglass is #1 is because every Windows 8 install forces it be installed by default. So annoying.

We already have Full Photoshop App for Windows 8. And that works all fine.

And for the people who have touch devices like RT ones, Adobe needs to develop Photoshop Touch version like it has done for iOS devices and Android.

It would be too harsh, unreasonable and even ridiculous to expect Adobe to develop a full Photoshop version for Modern UI. It's not required and anyways would take too much of an effort.

Yeah, not sure why they bothered with Photoshop Express. The Touch version is leaps and bounds better. Express feels like a proof of concept version of Photoshop Touch.

Not surprised. The built in Photos app in Windows 8 is confusing. Photoshop Express for Windows 8 is straightforward and easy to use. It does what it does best, import, manage and edit photos. The built in modern Photos apps is trying to be all things to everyone.

I don't think Photoshop Express' success is related to the built-in Photos app. it's all about editing and the brand name.

the Photos app's main features are: crop, rotate, delete, play a slideshow, or set the photo as a lockscreen. that's it. it's really nothing more than the Windows Phone Photos hub adapted for Windows 8. Photos actually needs more capabilities, basic ones--like the ability to crop .png files.

Fhotoroom was the top editing app, but (subjectively) Photoshop Express has a better design--which is no surprise when you look at Fhotoroom's website: (yeesh)