Adobe slashes prices ahead of parliamentary hearing

Following yesterday’s report that Adobe, Apple and Microsoft are to appear in front of the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications to answer question on IT pricing, not only has Adobe responded by providing full cooperation to the committee, but it has reduced the pricing of its Creative Cloud Membership in Australia from AU$62.99 to AU$49.99 per month.

A statement from Adobe reads:

Creative Cloud membership pricing in Australia for individuals has been reduced to AU$49.99 on an annual subscription per month for new and current customers, effective immediately.

While the individual subscriptions are being reduced by AU$13, the team subscription option is still $87.49 per month.

Only Adobe will be able to tell us if this is a move to reward existing and potential customers, but the likelihood of it being a kneejerk reaction to be summoned in front of a government committee is very high indeed.

To put things into perspective, in the UK the same subscription costs £46.88 per month and the US is $49.99 per month. Based on exchange rates at the time of writing, the AU$ to GBP and US$ UK subscription is AU$71.38 (UK) and the US is AU$48.79 (US). This means that the US and Australia are on a par with each other, but the UK still pays a premium in comparison to both of them for the same service. Although Australia was still less expensive that the UK, even before the price drop.

Microsoft and Apple, it’s your move. Adobe has set the precedent thus far.

Source: ZDNet

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When Adobe CC drop to $15 to $20 a months then more freelance people using CC but until then $50 a month is over price. Just because there is no big market to pay that much when you small companies are paying almost nothing on design and just paying for the web hosting and print company templates!

Now, if only the EU would do the same thing. I guess we can only dream...
I should be illegal to charge more for the same product - especially as there is no shipping involved today!

Oh, poor you. Guess what, as you move to the East, prices go up and salaries go down. So cry me a river, poor britons (lol).

So in England, a premium is paid. What a surprise, its so hard to believe that something is more expensive in the UK. Its so hard to believe I think I shall loose sleep over that revelation. NOT......

Does that UK price include VAT? If so then $59.48 would be a better figure for comparison. Still a rip-off though.

Not as bad as a few years back when the exchange rate was 1GBP to 2USD and Adobe charged about 1200USD or 1300GBP for the same product. That was a serious rip-off.

mog0 said,
Does that UK price include VAT? If so then $59.48 would be a better figure for comparison. Still a rip-off though.

The Australian price of $49.99 includes GST. I dont understand how excluding taxes in the UK price but including it on the Australian price would make it a more even comparison?

Most consumer product pricing includes the GST portion. Strong consumer laws means it must be made very clear what the total price of goods and services are. It is highly discourage to show the price excluding compulsory taxes.

OK...Probably need to exclude GST from the Australian price as well. The US one will not include any comparable tax. This will then show how much Adobe is charging, without the money the governments are adding.
I don't know how much GST is but I would suspect Adobe is now charging LESS in Australia than the US. A nice way of looking good in front of the committee. As soon as the committee has reported, they'll probably start putting their prices back up.

GST in Australia is 10%
I believe USA has sales tax which is set state by state anywhere between 1-10%. The USA price is likely already including sales tax.

Well, I'm lucky that the company I work for pays for my license. The pricing is great and the frequency of updates is nice to see. But yeah, as a UK resident, I'm shocked at the difference. Still ... it's better than it all used to be!

And they're too lazy to look for alternatives that are much cheaper and do exactly what they need at the level their at. If they're learning, the don't need Adobe products. A tool is a tool... you can learn to use a hammer, and then transfer that knowledge over to a sledge hammer, which requires a small amount of adjustment. Same goes with art and video apps. They all do the same thing with some adjustment, and then of course a level of quality difference. But anyone complaining they can't do something because they didn't bother to look at Pixelmator or whatever is lazy and doesn't deserve to be given choices to learn.

I know, but as im looking to do Video Editing (and is a student) i m learning adobe products for the future, a lot op plug-ins are only for these products and there amazing products, i have done some short films and the built in quality is amazing, i under stand where your coming from as i use Blender to practice 3d Rendering till i get Nuke.

No it didn't. You needed to have previously purchased CS3 to legally use that downloadable version. The only reason they released it was because the activation servers were being taken offline.

No one wants to employ someone who has training and experience in anything but Adobe. It's that simple.

That's why the prices are high, because Adobe knows people have to buy it.