After hacker dissection, Safari beta is patched

Three days after releasing Safari 3.0, Apple has issued its first patch of the beta software: Safari 3.0.1, which fixes three flaws in the browser including security vulnerabilities. Although the issues found in the first beta release were surprisingly numerous, security researchers are applauding Apple for pushing out the update so quickly. Apple has often taken weeks or months to release patches and updates in response to vulnerability concerns. This is the first time that Apple has released a version of Safari for the Windows platform. Because it now can be run on a much larger number of systems, the code has been getting more attention from the security community.

News source: InfoWorld

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virtorio said,

You mean this?

They do it differently, doesn't mean it’s wrong. Far as I’m concerned the Apple way looks better. Though they probably should have an option to use the rendering method of the OS.

Nice link. Being a designer myself I definitely prefer Apples way, but strangely enough I can see the logic behind both approaches actually.

Even Firefox doesn't munch up as much RAM on my machine and I have 8 extensions! Firefox uses 75MB and stays there but Safari idled goes to 250MB and above really quick. I have 1.5GB of DDR400 RAM btw for those curious.

someone into conspiracy theories may suspect that they released a known buggy browser with a patch waiting in the wings :P

Seems that peoples reception to this could have been predicted...

Why is there a 30 second delay? I launch Safari, it loads, then down on the bottom bar it says "loading bla bla bla"
and sits there for 30-45 seconds before the page loads. Once it loads, then you can refresh and it pops right up.
Firefox doesn't do that. I'm just curious. Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with it. The more browsers,
the better.

Security is one side, the other is usability. Safari is "ok", however IE 7 and Firefox outperform. There is nothing there that makes me want to switch. IE 7 is a good browser.

Am I the only user who attempted to use the browser through a proxy? By the way, if I enter my proxy login or even click cancel, the app. crashes.

This is the worst browser ever. It simply does not work. My network uses a proxy so it simply freezes on start. There is no way to enter any details. On another computer I have, it loads but all the menus are blank. What gives? This should not have been released as a beta it is still alpha.

Ummm, yea, however Microsoft spends quite a bit of time on QA with all of their fixes becuase of their install base. This is not to say they could not be a little faster...

That has some merit. Apple releases browser, a major bug is found in 2 days, and then Apple has a fix in less than 24 hours. So, either Apple QA sucks or they knew about it and waited for someone to find it then launched the fix.

I go with the first option. If they knew about the bug they could have just made a new build that day and posted it.

It was most assuredly fast tracked through QA, doesn't matter because it's a "beta" (Apple's playing a little fast and loose by calling this anything but an alpha build).

But it's not about stability, security or quality at this point. Turning out a new build after three days will rejuvenate the download counts for the news report on it's first week of availability.

Form over function, of course.

Disliked the study icon claiming among other things that Opera is the worst in javascript. Actually saying Internet Explorer is better. Sorry I use Opera 9.2 quite often and really don't have a problem with javascript. however Opera 9.2 isn't quite ready for Vista yet. That nifty and silly section on mmc that shows on a line graph how reliable Vista is, is being dragged all the way down to 1.23 because of Opera most of the time. It's crashed at least once every day except 2 days since I installed this in early May. But because it usually saves where I was last, it isn't an inconvient crash. Simply start it back up and I'm back. And although I can use a plugin for mouse gestures in Firefox, that plugin isn't 100% just yet. Opera's is and thats why I use it. Safari is installed, but seems rather pointless. Even having IE on here is pointless because windows update isn't run off the web browser anymore. My roboform works in firefox only. Unless someone has a plugin like roboform, Opera remains the secondary, but more use browser.

Safari installs but does not run if your Windows XP username has international characters in it. For instance, if your username is José, and your application files get stored in C:/Documents and Settings/José, the app doesn't start up.

If I create a username with no accents, however, Safari runs without any issues. This is exactly the type of problem that I had with Democracy Player about a year ago.

What's with this lack of support for users with accented names? Has anyone found a way to get around this bug, other than removing the accents from their name?

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