aggiorno express: IE8 Compatibility Edition

aggiorno express was born to assist you with the meta tagging process for IE8 of all the pages in your Web sites, in an automated way, just as aggiorno does with the variety of aggiornings shipped with v1.0.

Different to the full version of aggiorno, express editions are free standalone aggiornings that are themed to help you with a specific task, saving you hours of effort that otherwise will cost you getting things done.

After downloading and installing aggiorno express, getting your sites ready for IE8 is as easy as launching the application, selecting the source folder of your website, deciding where the new website should be stored, choosing the flag you want to meta tag your pages with and hitting Start!

Download: aggiorno express for ie8 (Free)
Screenshot: Compatibility Screen
Link: Product website

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this program is utter crap, forcing a semi-modern browser to render your site in stone age mode should be made as painful as possible.

[grammar rant]
omg! it's "opposed to" and "different from". why is that so frickin' hard?
[/grammar rant]

i'm compelled to agree with Havin_it here. this would have to be some developer thing as IE8 has standards mode as the default.

What it's for? I'll take a guess:

IE8 is going to be a lot more compliant with W3C web standards (HTML and CSS rendering) than IE7 is. Originally the IE team proposed that this "strict" rendering mode would only be used if developers put a special META tag in all of their pages to trigger it. Cue uproar from standards-lovin' developers everywhere, and the decision was reversed: in other words, you'll need to add extra code to your pages if you want IE8 to carry on rendering them like IE7.

The non-standard rendering behaviours of IE7 and below were largely geared to propping up lazy devs who wrote their sites with Frontpage, so their horrendous spaghetti-code would still look OK in IE. Because these devs are lazy, they obviously don't fancy the idea of having to manually add a line of code to every page on their websites. So here's a nifty program to do it for them. No muss, no fuss, no having to look at that scary HTML stuff underneath (which, if they could be arsed to do in the first place, a decade of nannying by IE would have been unnecessary).