Al Qaeda Rumored to Prep e-Jihad for Nov. 11

Al Qaeda plans to launch an electronic Jihad on Nov. 11, attacking Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites, according to an unconfirmed report. The report comes from DEBKAfile, an Israeli an online military intelligence magazine, which said on Oct. 30 that their counter-terror sources had picked up a special Internet announcement in Arabic. According to DEBKAfile, Osama bin Laden's followers announced on Oct. 29 that on Day One they would test their skills by launching cyber attacks against 15 targeted sites and would expand the e-Jihad thereafter until "]hundreds of thousands of Islamist hackers are in action against untold numbers of anti-Muslim sites."

Don't freak out just yet, however, as the report is being treated with skepticism by many law enforcement officials, and with good reason. This is not the first rumor about an electronic Jihad to seize the Internet citizenry's imagination. Aug. 26, 2004 was also supposed to see the Internet go down in e-flames from a sustained and devastating cyber-attack by Islamic cyber-Jihadists, but the rumors at that time turned out to be utterly baseless.

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Thankfully the Internet was designed to withstand even catastrophic events, I think a bit beyond their power. :p

I guess among the most powerful ones would be to try attack the root domain servers, but even that is hard these days because they have so much redundancy in them. And it would of course technically not disrupt more than the domain name system, not anything by IP's.

Well in my opinion they should target the sites of Ricardo Dawkins as he's spreading a lot of flimsy, illogical drivel that is ergo unsurprisingly popular. The whole thing about religion causing violence, well, um, how about World War frigging I + II children. Religious violence has a LOT of catching up to do before it can match the fatality count of those. The Children on Neowin are a very particular demographic, I know, but it should be concerning to anyone who has a grasp of logical reasoning that there are so many who are fervently deluded in their belief that religion by its nature causes violence or hatred. The irony of reality - that it's quite squarely the opposite - is lost on all but a chosen few.


Umm... can I say crusades, cleansing of Jews in WW2, most Jewish history (Egypt and the current state of Israel), people's interpretation of the Bible that men are better than women I could go on... Religion has caused a lot of violence and hatred (bar Buddhism mainly due to ahimsa).

Is this e-Jihad the Jihadist answer to the Cheetos-stained Internet chickenhawk?


oh noes mommie!!! the terrorist has hacked my intardnets!!! they are logging into my myspace!!!! the horrors!!!!!

Wow the levels of intolerance here from some people are unbelievable :)

I don't beleive this tripe at all. It's probably some sad git somewhere who thinks he's funny.

It's gotta be hard being a terrorist, the media seems to put so much expectations on them. Imagine waking up one day to open the radio and hear that you're supposed to be doing some kind of internet attack. They even put a deadline on you.

those bunch of monkeys couldn't even make it through Google without referring back to an ''infadel'' site for help.
i'd like to see their primitive ''e-terrorism'' acts towards all ''infadel'' sites --- its going to be more of a laugh then anything else.

i wish i could send them a big fat ''e-bomb'' ---- no no, better one -- lets SPAM them!

"Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites" ... no worries, I'll just have to go to the Sunni websites! Oh what fun I will have.

e-Jihad? Sounds like a ploy to get some websites to the top of their field, talk about Google bombing!

You know, I just can't be too afraid of the technological skills of a people whose goal in life is to force everyone to adopt a 12th-century lifestyle and religion.

please dont criticize the religion as being outdated because it is not and that is why more and more people and converting to it. Every religion or set of ideas can be misunderstood, so this is not unique to Islam only.

abulfares said,
please dont criticize the religion as being outdated because it is not and that is why more and more people and converting to it. Every religion or set of ideas can be misunderstood, so this is not unique to Islam only.

"It's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier. Life should be malleable and progressive, working from idea to idea permits that. Beliefs anchor you to certain points and limit growth. New ideas can't generate. Life becomes stagnant."

Goes for pretty much for any religion..

wow ... damn I'm good ... living a 12th-century lifestyle and religion and replying at neowin :D
lol ... if you don't know how great is islam that doesn't mean that it isn't ^^ ... but I blame your silly media

sLm4ever said,
but I blame your silly media


Where do you actually have seen Muslims, Octol? besides your basements's TV?

for me I live with them...
I've seen the 10% or 5% bad idiot Muslims ... and I've seen the 95% good ones...
but the problem with most of the non-Muslims is that they only know about that 5%...

Mamoun said,
Where do you actually have seen Muslims, Octol? besides your basements's TV?

That's irrelevant and disingenuous. I'm not criticizing Muslims in general; only those that want to blow me up for refusing to accept their religion and lifestyle.

you can criticize Muslims as you wish because they suck ... but the religion itself is really good ...
and the Muslims nowadays suck because most of them didn't even understand what's Islam really about...

First of all, that rules aren’t by the government... the society chooses what’s good for our culture.
And women are fine with it!! ... Because after all it’s the best for them and also after they can totally choose if they want that rules or not...
And yes there are some women that says (hey I wanna be on tv, hey I don’t like this country, look at me I’m a bitch ... ) ... but they don’t make even 5% of the society... and anywhere you go you can find people who hate their countries...
After all ... if you want to make sure if that rules are the best for women ... just compare the murders number and the raping number here at Saudi Arabia with let’s say the USA ...
Sorry for the long reply btw ^^; ... but you people really don’t know about us... and if you know something it’s usually from the media and I bet that 99% of it is wrong ^^;

that's exactly your problem ... you know nothing about the others ...
anyway ... just wanted to inform you that we have really great PCs here ...

e-Jihad, e-flames? Haha, good one. What's next, e-suicides..

Religions suck. So much ****ing hatred about beliefs and disbeliefs.

Tikitiki said,
lmao; That'll be the next major computer virus. Simply goes on your computer and overheats it *boom*

But only if you refuse to convert to Islam! :eek:

What is wrong with some of the Muslims? Do they litterally think they own the world. Jeez. "Because you don't believe the same, we're gonna wipe you out." If they really believe in their religion and that its the best, then why don't they try and convince us of their religion instead of making themselves look like complete freaking fools? I don't know about you but I'm really scared of those Islamic hackers

Same reason America invades countries who don't agree with it ... relgion/politics are like farts, yours smell nice but everybody else's stink!

But yes, they do think they own the world, all religions do ... its their way or the highway, of course not all religions actually try carry that out but they believe it anyway.

Uh, okay!

I hope they don't hack all the major sites such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, eBay and so on since they get too many visitors everyday. It would be strange to see those sites in Arabic.